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Friday , February 21 2020


Look into the real problems – ‘First things first’

Former member of the National Assembly Khalid Al-Sultan, a member of the political group ‘Thawabet Al-Umma’ lived a free life all along and we wish …

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The role of men of religion

A cleric of any religion has a duty to perform and the need for this duty increases or decreases with the degree of progress or failure …

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‘Deviates’ spell more chaos

Abu Ali Sina, quote says, ‘Muslims are plagued by those who believe that they know more than others, and think that God did not guide …

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Natural evolution of faith – ‘Change necessary’

All the religions of the world, without exception are subjected to change which has been imposed by the circumstances of life, and the proportion of …

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Slaves of habits, traditions – Flow with the tide

A man bought a mule, went to a neighbor and asked him for a rope to tie it. The neighbor apologized and advised him to put …

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Living pleasures of old age – Blessing in disguise

Those who know life well are quite aware that every age has its beauty and its advantage and splendor. These words are of course addressed …

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Appeal for peace

On my first day as Secretary-General of the United Nations, one question weighs heavily on my heart. How can we help the millions of people …

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The endangered species

Two most senior government officials, most experienced and loyal, have revealed serious facts. Major-General Talal Ma’arafi said that the Interior Ministry procedures in regards to …

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Emotional infrastructure – ‘Stay alive, stay free’

I don’t know how to tell you this, but when it comes to emotions, you need to maintain its composition and fabric because neither cement nor …

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When the West shunned us – ‘Time to end madness’

Writing is kind of telling what must be told, and alarm, and also a way to express what is going on in our minds and …

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