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Wednesday , March 20 2019


Battle of civilizations

Israeli Knesset plans to enact a law to ban the call for prayer over loudspeakers in the mosques of Jerusalem, I repeat: ban to call …

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Hundred uses of a beast – Nowhere to run!

The Muslims and Jews share many issues, including circumcision and intense hatred for all that is related to the pig, in name, form and substance. …

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Seven ‘threats’ to look for upcoming holiday season – ‘Window Shopping’

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas. There’s a lot of shopping to be done between now and the end of 2016. As throngs of discerning …

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‘Do more for nation’s sake’

For the first time, I felt comfortable and give a lot of credibility to the statement which has been issued by the Interior Ministry. Actually …

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‘Vote for sunny tomorrow’

The Arab region has been facing threats from the religious terrorist organizations, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood group — the mother of all of them. These …

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Change seen in victory – ‘Practice what you preach’

The more the Muslim Brotherhood group and the revolutionaries in the Levant attacked Donald Trump prior to and following his election to the White House, …

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‘End darkness to see light’ – Walk the talk

The Cabinet approved a draft decree to restructure the Supreme Education Council (SEC), to be headed by the Minister of Education with the relevant ministry …

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It takes two to tango

A group of the respected personalities has issued the so-called (Reform Initiative and National Consensus) about the upcoming elections to the National Assembly. The initiative stresses …

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Lots of talent to choose from

I would like to confess that my heart was on the Republican candidate Donald Trump but my wallet was on the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. When …

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‘Sick personality, heart of lion, mind of rat, wolf’s conscience’ – Scalpel of the fake surgeon

I admit I have the courage to break into homes should I decide to do so. I also have the knowledge of how to put those …

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