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Don’t leave all to ‘mama’ – ‘Fulfil duty to nation’

Due to an inadvertent error I failed to appear before the judge during the court session but my efficient lawyer, Adawia Aldgeshm, who has been …

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Need to adopt 4-pronged strategy to rescue Kuwait – A vision for our country’s future if we desire stability, prosperity for people

Saud Al Arfaj

This is the first of a three-part series of articles on vision of Kuwait’s future and the stability of its people. –– Editor By Saud …

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Avarice goes before morals? – Practice what you preach

Last week, the Giza Criminal Court in Cairo, presided by Judge Abdul-Shafi Al-Sayyed Othman, sentenced former Egyptian minister of Irrigation Mohammad Nasr Allam, and a …

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Traders in State diseases – ‘Society’ above the law

To open foodstuffs shop one requires quite some time, which may take up to six months and this period includes finding a place, money, rent …

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Talk we don’t want to hear — II

Ibrahim Al-Buleihi said the entry of Arab history has not made any contribution but rather hindered the progress, and that means if we listen to …

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Talk we do not want to hear – It is Greek for some

Saudi scholar Ibrahim Al-Buleihi says the Arabs have not provided any added value to human civilization, and that what is attributed to them by the …

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Free trade cost Secretary Clinton the 2016 US presidential election

Forget health care, immigration, terrorism, tax reform and Supreme Court appointments, Secretary Clinton lost the USA presidential election because she didn’t address a faltering economy …

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‘Confront the radical mind’

Adel Al-Kalbani of Saudi Arabia is considered one of the most controversial clerics in a deeply conservative society. He issued a fatwa in 2010 saying …

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Shobokshi, India, Pakistan

A few years ago I wrote about a very embarrassing incident which I experienced at the home of a friend, when I met with the Ambassador …

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Defenders of honor, virtue – Two faces of same coin

They call for wearing the veil, and fight the unveiled. They call for segregation of the two sexes from kindergarten to the university level. They …

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