Thursday , September 20 2018


Amid progress more still to do

More than 20 million people around the world are trapped in human trafficking, also called modern slavery. It is a crime that happens almost everywhere and affects virtually everyone. Yet many still think of human trafficking as an issue affecting only other people, in other countries. The truth is it …

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‘Need to fix tool of justice’ – Who’s poisoning world body?

THE world was shocked at the news that the Arab coalition, led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is included on the United Nation’s blacklist of those violating children’s rights. According to a statement from the UN Secretary General’s Office, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stands by this decision. In another …

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‘Shut this mouthpiece for good’ – ‘Political tune disgusting’

PLATO said: “We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark, the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” Despite the fact that most political corridors are dark, there are politicians who are light in their own respect. They are straightforward, rational …

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‘Good sailors can only hit safe shores’

MANY things have lost their splendor in this beautiful homeland. Positions have changed as if something exploded slowly and led to the deteriorating performance of the Education, Health and Housing ministries. Something took place in the most important sectors of the country that made them slip out of the spot …

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Pocatello, US ‘terror’ Idaho State University – May Almighty Allah protect everyone

IT HAS BEEN not long ago since US President Barack Obama verbally transgressed against the Arabian Peninsula and its peaceful people, but now we are hearing similar transgressions happening to our students in the US. Our students in the US, particularly in Idaho State University in Pocatello, are enduring organized …

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US investment summit open

Investors from around the world will gather in Washington, DC, June 19-21 for the SelectUSA Summit, the largest and most important conference focused on attracting foreign investment to the United States. The Summit is a great opportunity for Kuwaiti companies and investors to meet with and hear from economic development …

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Earth a massive theatre – Need to come out of it with fevew mistakes

EARTH is a massive theatre. We are just like huge dolls that came to play the role of living beings and the role is perfected collectively. Some of us have perfected the performance to deserve leading roles, whereas some are living in secondary roles and others are like extras hiding …

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Time for moderates to become ‘extreme’

Egyptian director Marwan Hamed made an international splash in 2006 with his Cairo-set “The Yacoubian Building,” which fearlessly broke Arab cinema taboos in the way it depicted homosexuality, Islamic fundamentalism and government corruption. More recently his “The Blue Elephant,” a thriller with supernatural elements, broke Arab box office records. He …

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Country of the future – Invest in world of food, water

PART of success lies in preparing for the worst and the ability to think in advance, which makes it possible for the future to be visualized according to expectations based on scientific, economic and political studies. If education and health are the needs of an ordinary citizen, then planning, politics …

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Message from East to Obama – ‘Saudis playing legitimate role’

IT SEEMS United States of America’s President Barack Obama was angered by the way the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia handles its affairs and carries its historic responsibilities to protect and govern with integrity the honor and security of the Middle East. This was evident when the Kingdom played a great …

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