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Wednesday , November 14 2018


Seven ‘threats’ to look for upcoming holiday season – ‘Window Shopping’

Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas. There’s a lot of shopping to be done between now and the end of 2016. As throngs of discerning shoppers flock to the high street and online shopping carts are filled to the brim, cybercriminals are busy preparing their wares to take advantage of …

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‘Do more for nation’s sake’

For the first time, I felt comfortable and give a lot of credibility to the statement which has been issued by the Interior Ministry. Actually speaking we are not familiar with such kind of statements. I am talking about the statement issued by the Ministry concerning the illegal entry of …

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‘Vote for sunny tomorrow’

The Arab region has been facing threats from the religious terrorist organizations, particularly the Muslim Brotherhood group — the mother of all of them. These terrorist groups have put the region on the road to catastrophe, unlike at any other time in the Arab region’s modern history. Most of these …

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Change seen in victory – ‘Practice what you preach’

The more the Muslim Brotherhood group and the revolutionaries in the Levant attacked Donald Trump prior to and following his election to the White House, I am convinced that I was not wrong in throwing my support behind the Republican candidate. Although I sometimes found myself hesitant in supporting Trump …

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‘End darkness to see light’ – Walk the talk

The Cabinet approved a draft decree to restructure the Supreme Education Council (SEC), to be headed by the Minister of Education with the relevant ministry undersecretaries as members in addition to independent personalities such as Musaed Al-Haroun, Rashed Al-Hamad and Abdulrahman Al-Ghunaim, Hanan Al-Mutawa, Nayef Al-Mutawa, and Suad Al-Ansari. First …

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It takes two to tango

A group of the respected personalities has issued the so-called (Reform Initiative and National Consensus) about the upcoming elections to the National Assembly. The initiative stresses on the importance of the November 2016 elections that confirm resorting to the ballot boxes which represent the people’s will in building political action through …

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Lots of talent to choose from

I would like to confess that my heart was on the Republican candidate Donald Trump but my wallet was on the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. When the results were released, I had mixed feelings — my sadness was in conflict with my happiness — but I accepted the results under the …

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‘Sick personality, heart of lion, mind of rat, wolf’s conscience’ – Scalpel of the fake surgeon

I admit I have the courage to break into homes should I decide to do so. I also have the knowledge of how to put those houses under surveillance, climb the walls and open the locks. I also dare say I have the courage to admit that I can fabricate stories …

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Of memories and articles

After long years of hesitation, I decided to respond, with pleasure, to the wishes of so many beloved readers and write part of my memories in a book containing a number of my published articles. I used to think the issue is relatively easy and will merely mean sitting down …

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Deadly bribery, nepotism

A number of political activists, and men of conscience, broadcast and send voice texts and tweets warning citizens against selling their votes. The activists stress that a candidate who pays them today one thousand dinars will of course get it back from public money in the sense once this candidate wins …

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