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Tuesday , October 22 2019


Circumcision controversy – Support widespread

The true history of male circumcision is not known, but throughout human history, and by many peoples, it has been considered a religious ritual that …

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Convergence of interests, goals

Today, May 9, the European Union celebrates Europe Day, marking the anniversary of the Schuman Declaration of 1950, setting-up a joint European authority to oversee …

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How to ruin what you have built?

AFTER years of strenuous efforts, the National Assembly approved in 2015 the law on the Establishment of the Financial Control Department which was to be …

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Language fought by ‘Brotherhood’

EACH year, the State spends huge sums of money on students of high schools to prepare them for university education, especially those planning to study …

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Enough mosques, Salah

The title of the article is derived from a famous phrase by the great artiste Saad Al-Faraj in the Kuwait comic series ‘Darb Alzalaq’. The …

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The devoted Palestinian teacher

A Palestinian teacher of Arabic language working for a private school complains that most students of both sexes in such schools show lack of interest …

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Bless us with your silence

IT IS VERY unfortunate to note a few months ago some people issued their racist call to harass the residents. This ominous call was not …

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mastery of majesty – Calligraphy

Rules of geometry … rules of proportion the cornerstones of the most revered form of the visual arts in the Islamic world Dr Alain George …

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Know the law in order not to be duped by impersonators

In recent times, particularly over the past couple of years (2016 and 2017) Kuwait has witnessed a high rate of crimes related to fraud, money …

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Countries of the Blind (last part)

The sufferings of Nuñez, portrayed as the protagonist by H.G. Wells in his novel ‘Countries of the Blind’ resembles the sufferings of reformers throughout history, …

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