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Wednesday , October 16 2019


Oil producers, consumers final losers

Oil prices have risen rapidly this year and are expected, by some, to head higher — possibly towards $100 per barrel. This is alarming to …

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Trivialities take root

‘Dogs are faithful’ Few among Kuwaitis who have not visited Egypt and fell in love with its culture, arts and monuments either in Cairo, Aswan, …

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Bankruptcy of morals

Fend for yourselves The Parliament TV Channel interviewed a number of educationalists including a secondary stage teacher. I could not catch their names. However, the …

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‘If you are doing well, all the people are then well’

The relationship between the government and the people, most often and throughout history, is based on the number of mutual interests, especially in pluralistic societies, …

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Saints, Kuwaiti suburbs

I heard this extraordinary story when the BBC interviewed one hero, an Indian officer. The events began a few years ago when the father of an …

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Queries of Al-Jassar

Abdul Karim Jassar sent me a question from a friend related to my continuous criticism and attack of the Sunni Muslim extremists, and keeping the …

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‘Segregation never a key to a better State system’

Is segregation the key to a better State system?  Since 2000, Kuwait University has segregated students in classrooms – females are separate from males.  It …

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The five Pandora boxes

Who will bell the cat? It is said in Western mythology a girl called Pandora received a box from heaven and was asked not to …

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‘Guilty must face law’

Violations unmasked In spite of my ‘historical’ relationship with the Al-Rbetah Transport Company, which is mainly engaged in handling port affairs, for more than thirty …

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A life of love & valor

During the 53 years she lived in Kuwait, German-born Monika Al Khashti made an unforgettable mark on her adopted country. Active in both the Kuwaiti …

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