Wednesday , October 17 2018


Statement foils attempt by parliamentary ‘exploiters’

THE action taken by the Kuwaitis whose citizenships were revoked was excellent, especially after they issued a statement which stopped the parliamentarians from frivoling with their case, and instead redirecting it to its proper course. The MPs exploited the sufferings of these people with the aim of fulfilling their own …

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Arabs and conspiracy theory

MOHAMMAD Al-Hashmi wrote an extended article for the news website “Shafaf”, explaining the international circumstances that led to the issuance of the Belfour Declaration. I will try to summarize the article and give my comment in brief. Al-Hashmi said the declaration was issued due to many reasons but did not …

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Incantation via WhatsApp – Isn’t it the height of ignorance?

THE widespread ignorance in our countries will indeed destroy us if it continues at this rate. There are evidences indicating the extent that ignorance has reached. They include the huge number of trivial and false messages, some of which eventually become superstitions. Unfortunately, these messages are being exchanged as though …

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Cleaning the ‘stairs’

The Tanzanian President John Magufuli is considered one of the biggest enemies of corruption. On the first day he was elected about two years ago, Magufuli took firm actions against corrupt employees. When he made a random visit to the Civil Service Council, he issued strict penalties against employees who …

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The most important spare part – ‘Drive safely’

SUMMER is back, bringing some problems for cars. Nothing in the car requires us to be sure about more than the tyres which, in many cases, separate life and death. Due to extreme temperatures in Kuwait, tyres deteriorate faster than usual so they need special care. We should check the …

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Superstition of origins

There has been a recent increase in the circulation of lists related to the origins of Kuwaiti families and tribes. These lists have many true facts which are actually not significant, but what is important to note is that these lists include large number of false claims and serious mistakes …

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‘The Devil’s Horse’ – Cheap mode of public transport

Bicycle is a cheap mode of public transportation especially in poor countries. It has recently become fashionable and a sport in advanced countries, and is considered as an ideal way to traverse through crowded cities. It also symbolizes the need to save the environment. More than one billion and 200 …

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Social media monitored for misuse, criminal activity – Violators face imprisonment, fine

The past 5 years social media has become one of Kuwait’s top news sources, a fast and an easy way to communicate and reach others, and a neutral space to express thoughts and viewpoints. As the dependency on social media grows, the amount of people convicted for crimes committed on …

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We are the easy target – Our countries have seeds of corruption

Yuri Bezmenov is regarded as one of the most famous intelligence agents of the Soviet Union who eventually defected to the West. He was born in Moscow where he studied the Eastern languages and then worked as a translator for a Soviet economical aid group in India. When he discovered …

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France … Presidential elections & variations

OUTCOME of the first round of French presidential elections has affirmed that change in status quo will happen at the party and leadership levels regardless of the result of the second round on May 7. Candidates who will vie in the second round are far-rightist Marine Le Pen and moderate …

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