Thursday , September 20 2018


Al-Nafisi and Al-Rabe’e

ABDULLAH Al-Nafisi holds many titles, including the political analyst, former MP, former academic and university professor, outstanding writer, debater and media figure. He also has a large following that hold his theories and thoughts in high esteem. He is somehow liken to the fortune tellers who are usually interviewed on …

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Who hangs the bell?

SOME people believe that I am fond of criticizing specific positions and statements of a specific group of clerics. This is probably true, and I will not deny it. The truth will be known in the last part of the article. In a TV advert, the advertiser raised the issue …

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No, Your Highness the PM

IN HIS recent and only television interview, HH the Prime Minister said the questionnaires showed that the housing issue is a priority for citizens, and consequently, for the MPs. He believes security should be the first priority pointing out that when security is settled, production increases and the rest of …

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Past lessons with 2017 horizon

“NATIONAL HARMONY” – is it an exceptional necessity or one of the ingredients for continued cooperation and coexistence among the people of a country? This term has been widely used in the recent years. It has emerged as the core concept in many countries worldwide. To some, the concept of …

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It is our choice!

ENEMIES of Islamic extremism or the religion’s enemies in general claim that religions, despite their important role, were not aimed at establishing civilizations or states but came as messages for ensuring good for humanity. According to the late philosopher Ahmed Al-Baghdadi, to whose viewpoint we agree, there is nothing called …

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Demography according to Al-Sabeeh!

THE reason behind the demographic imbalance in the country is the failure of the government in confronting this issue. We will not deny the efforts being exerted by Minister of Social Affairs and Labor and State Minister for Economic Affairs Hind Al-Sabeeh, who had suggested a number of solutions to …

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How a judge may admit or reject documentary evidence – Violating individual’s privacy right a criminal offence

One of the most frequently asked question about the evidence is “how come the judge would deny a picture that is presented to him as a document which proves that the act of violence took place? At the same time, a similar document would be presented to another judge and …

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What a dilemma!

MANY countries, big and small, come to us, seeking good relations with us. They send their representatives to us, not because of our cultural importance, strong economy, our population which is less than one third of the Indian population, our stock of ballistic missiles or even our oil which is …

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The wonderful Mutairi – ‘Policeman’ deserved to be honored

LAST Thursday as I was driving back home, it was past 3pm and the temperature was about 34 degree Centigrade. I then noticed a patrol vehicle stop behind a small pickup vehicle on a side road parallel to the Fifth Ring Road. I wanted to see what had happened but …

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Renewing of elites… & advisors

DESPITE ongoing developments in Kuwait, as well as the regional and global spectra; minimal change is observed in the methods adopted by a force or another. This is in spite of the promises that some made, whether in the constituents, institutions, political faction or even the civil society. In most …

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