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Friday , November 16 2018


‘IS exploiting Islam’ – True enemies of religion

I have a conviction that the fiercest enemies of Islam are not the liberals and their secular partners, nor the atheists and their frenzied followers because they have never had a problem with any ideology at all. The enemies of Islam during the modern era are the ‘callers’ and the politicians …

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‘Be role model, set example’ – ‘Youth must build skills’

With her racist and inhuman statements, which are characterized by empty conceit, MP Safa’a Al-Hashem, has undoubtedly created for herself, a reputation in several countries, especially countries which supply labor in huge numbers. By her statements, she has also won the hearts of a majority of ordinary Kuwaitis who do …

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Dr Hesham Al-Awadi is Professor in History at the American University of Kuwait, delivered a lecture on the importance of the history of Kuwait at the Yarmouk Cultural Centre, on Monday evening, as part of the Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah’s 23rd cultural season. Dr Al-Awadi was lecturer in Modern Middle East …

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‘Workers deserve better’

Colleague Iqbal Al-Ahmad has made a smart move on the issue of the Philippine employment crisis in Kuwait and the Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte’s decision to ban Filipinos from traveling and working in Kuwait. This decision has harmed our reputation during a conference which was held to support and reconstruct …

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Amid burial mounds … a resurrection – A’ali Bahraini village nurtures pottery trade

Steeped in tradition and reaching far back into the mists of time, the pottery industry in the small Bahraini village of A’ali combines time-honored methods with modern techniques and designs. It utilizes the clay of an ancient land once known as Dilmun. Rulers of a prosperous trading empire contemporary with …

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Matchlocks & miquelets … rifling through history

Dr Tim Stanley, senior curator for the Middle Eastern collections at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, shed light on the technology, status and ornament of firearms in the Ottoman Empire from the 16th to 18th century, at a lecture held at Yarmouk Cultural Center as part of the …

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Driver in the 1st vehicle guilty in 4-car accident

FOUR cars got into an accident … How do you solve it? Who is responsible? Let us say you were driving on the highway when the car in front of you stopped suddenly, forcing you to avoid an accident by stepping on the brakes abruptly but the one driving the …

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All life matters – ‘OUR PLANET … THEIRS TOO’

The newly-established Kuwait Liberal Society held its first official event, an expertly-organised and well-attended seminar on animal rights titled “Our Planet, Theirs Too.” Held in the KLS headquarters in Shuhada, the seminar was a powerful and impassioned plea to local authorities to remedy the dismal situation of stray animals that …

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Kuwait eGov: 24 Years Later

The Kuwait Knowledge Economy Forum Feb 7-8 is focused on the theme “Government Knowledge”. Some would say that such a theme is an oxymoron. However, since I am a 3rd generation technocrat, I continue to hope that “knowledge” and “government” can co-exist. On the other hand, as I consider the …

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Fear of books from sane, naive censor – ‘Sales jump’

The owner of a bookstore recently told that the sales of books has fallen to a point, that he is now contemplating of getting rid of all the books and concentrate on the sale of just the stationery, pornography and books of religious nature because they are popular in any …

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