Monday , February 19 2018


And the push goes on – Taking it sitting down

I was a little over ten years old when I heard about the Balfour Declaration from our Palestinian teacher. It was in the mid-1950s when I was a student of the Al-Sabah Elementary School. It is 100 years ago Britain sympathized with the Zionist aspirations and made a promise to …

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Axing our own feet?

A church pastor in a small American town was taken by surprise when he discovered some people in the community were planning to construct a liquor bar in front of his church. He immediately approached the concerned authorities with a request to stop the construction but the latter found no …

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Donate for good cause – Help out center of life

Children are divided into two categories – one normal or highly intelligent and two, slow learning, or those with mental disabilities. The first category is divided into two categories: those who do not complain about learning disabilities and those who complain. One who is suffering from the learning disability may …

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Sorry state of road affairs

The government did establish the Road and Land Transport Authority three years ago and its task is to manage and supervise the construction of Metro and rail lines, maintenance of road networks, carry out technical inspection of vehicles, issue licenses, installation and maintain traffic signals, provide and manage parking lots …

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Who is supporting DAESH?

Apart from the speeches of condemnation, atonement and insults, we must admit that all what is said and written that the Islamic State or the socalled DAESH does not represent the fundamentalist Islam is untrue. From a historical point of view, the approach of DAESH is fundamentalist in all its …

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Nation stuck in trivialities – ‘Development scarce’

Some time ago, the Court of Appeals in Mauritania sentenced to death writer Mohammad Ould Omekhetir, on charges of apostasy, after he was arrested for publishing an article in which he talked about the facts back to the era of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), but the Supreme Court overturned the …

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Children of Zayed, I salute you

I am writing to you from the skies, aboard an airplane, headed for the United Arab Emirates (UAE) — the pioneering emirates. I would have sent formal messages of gratitude and appreciation, if possible, in response to the countless greetings and well-wishes Kuwaitis received on mobile phones in the dawn …

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Graphite pencil, rubber trees

Almost all people of the earth irrespective of what they know work in harmony to benefit or get benefit.  This harmony or what we call accidental coordination is often represented mainly in industries which require material which more often than not is available in one particular state. If we take …

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Establishing social clubs in each area need of the hour – If we want this country to survive

Saud Al Arfaj

I suggest the need of the hour is the establishment of social clubs in each area similar to the cooperative societies. Each club may comprise a theater, a cinema and a library and even a playground and these clubs must be managed by the residents of the area with no interference …

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Seven magnificent women

Fifteen years ago, Mrs Fareah Al-Saqqaf sensed the danger threatening her small homeland and felt the need to do something to save an entire generation which was drifting into subversive and terrorist activities or getting absorbed in the world of drugs. Al-Saqqaf did not exert much effort to convince some …

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