Thursday , October 18 2018


Reason & logic in tax on expat remittances

The Finance Committee of the National Assembly has approved the draft law on the taxation of expatriate transfers without serious study. For example, the Legislative Committee of the National Assembly, the most rational and experienced, unanimously rejected the bill for constitutional reasons. The government, represented by the Central Bank of …

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The ‘abusive’ sermon

THE eminent Egyptian thinker Zaki Najib asks: What is extremism in thought? And in response says it is to choose an intellectual and ideological dwelling and be satisfied with yourself, but at the same time you do not want anyone else to choose what is good for him from the …

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Trinkets and the tales they tell

Throughout the ages, jewelry and trinkets have always been part of civilizations, they translated people’s preferences and lifestyle, and mirrored their talent, development and prosperity.  By studying ancient trinkets and jewelry, one can learn about civilizations in a more personal level, their faiths, how they dressed, what influenced them and …

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‘Sectarianism destructive’ – Putting facts right

This article is not in defense of Iran. It has a people and a government to defend it. This article is not to abuse or curse anyone because all have their own respect and prestige. This article should also not be considered as an attempt to defend the Iranian government …

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‘We want our old Kuwait’ – Pleasures of simple life

There is an Iranian song with a beautiful melody. The composer of the song talks about his longing for his old city, Tehran, which no longer has the same beautiful features it once did. To admire the melody, I asked a friend to translate it into Arabic and it reads …

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Stresses of the Awqaf and lax control

The bombing of the Sadiq Shiite mosque in Kuwait, which took place in late June 2015, resulted in the loss of 250 innocent civilians between the dead and the injured, while they knelt in prayer and this has been haunting the conscience of every sincere person. The government in an …

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Vagaries of social media – All can’t be true!

M. Al-Arifi, quoting Sheikh Al-Islam ibn Taymiyyah, a controversial medieval Muslim theologian, logician and reformer says the use of jinn is divided into three permissible uses such as hanging clothes after washing and cleaning the house, asking to awaken the Muslims for Fajr pray and the third is using them …

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O minister, any excuses?

Sheikha Suad Al-Sabah said in a television interview that she was born in Al-Zubayr, one of the districts of Basra and that she studied in one of the schools there before returning to her homeland in Kuwait. However, the developers of the curriculum at the Ministry of Education saw something …

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Forbidden for publication – Matters of opinion

Many people are surprised by the fact that a newspaper in Kuwait prevented the publication of an article, especially when they found nothing in the article worth denying from their point of view, unaware that the prevention of publication of any article is at the discretion of the owners or …

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False accusation may lead to compensation suit

A false criminal accusation could lead to indemnification as stipulated in the Civil Law, while the Criminal Law has opened a new gate for compensation lawsuits. Fraudulent criminal cases may lead to a compensation lawsuit. Abuse of the right to sue by framing people in criminal cases and harming the innocent …

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