Monday , October 22 2018


Fake, bankrupt preachers

Religious festivals and holidays, especially Ramadan, are an opportunity for many, whether they are fasting families breaking the fast together for almost a month, producers of TV serials, food producers, café owners providing sheesha or beggars and many others who make their best during such occasions foremost of them satellite …

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Laws concerning Bedouns complicated, frustrating

The situation of Bedouns is one of the most complex legal matters in the country, as a generation after another passes without any solution to their legal problem since the government refers to them as ‘illegal residents’. Laws evolve and change in different sectors to better serve the people. Only …

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Woeful saga of hospitals

Dear writer, I am an expatriate woman, one of the more than three million living on this good land. We produce as much as the citizens do and we have the same rights, except political, and we carry out the duties they do. “I write to you because I feel …

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Not farfetched to say some Kuwaiti laws are sexist

This May, Kuwait completes 55 years of United Nations (UN) membership as one of the leading countries that supports human rights activities worldwide and help other countries fi ghting for the rights of their citizens by providing fi nancial and moral assistance and standing by their side. It is a …

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The deafening silence

Mutasarrifate was one of the ruling systems adopted by the Ottoman Empire from 1860 until 1918 under which Mount Lebanon was administratively separated from the rest of the Levant for reasons related to the multiplicity of doctrines and faiths of Mount Lebanon. The Mutasarrifate system stipulated that the governor should …

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Not all on Net is true

It is important to warn people from time to time not to pay attention to the streams of news reports and video clips posted in the social media every day, media such as WhatsApp and their negative impact on the majority — the educated, semi-educated, me included. The increasing materials …

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Circumcision controversy – Support widespread

The true history of male circumcision is not known, but throughout human history, and by many peoples, it has been considered a religious ritual that was required to be followed for several reasons either to distinguish males from one group or another, or to humiliate another group. It is practiced …

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Convergence of interests, goals

Today, May 9, the European Union celebrates Europe Day, marking the anniversary of the Schuman Declaration of 1950, setting-up a joint European authority to oversee production of coal and steel. Since the birth of the European Communities in 1957, the citizens of our Member States have enjoyed over six decades …

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How to ruin what you have built?

AFTER years of strenuous efforts, the National Assembly approved in 2015 the law on the Establishment of the Financial Control Department which was to be reporting to the minister of finance and headed by an official in the capacity of a minister. The aim of the department was to control …

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Language fought by ‘Brotherhood’

EACH year, the State spends huge sums of money on students of high schools to prepare them for university education, especially those planning to study overseas in foreign universities because of the poor level of the English language in spite of the long time they spend (12 years) in learning …

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