Wednesday , August 22 2018


Forbidden for publication – Matters of opinion

Many people are surprised by the fact that a newspaper in Kuwait prevented the publication of an article, especially when they found nothing in the article worth denying from their point of view, unaware that the prevention of publication of any article is at the discretion of the owners or …

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False accusation may lead to compensation suit

A false criminal accusation could lead to indemnification as stipulated in the Civil Law, while the Criminal Law has opened a new gate for compensation lawsuits. Fraudulent criminal cases may lead to a compensation lawsuit. Abuse of the right to sue by framing people in criminal cases and harming the innocent …

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the hair … the hand the huff … the puff of propaganda

Dr Sabina Antonini delivered an illuminating lecture on the representation of power in Southern Arabia in the early centuries with examples from the Al Sabah Collection to show how a new power language was perfectly adapted to its political and social context. The lecture was held at the Yarmouk Cultural …

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Do you accept challenges?

Further to my article of last Wednesday, in which I hoped, perhaps without hope, that the proposed committee set to look into the causes for the decline of Kuwait’s position in the Global Corruption Perceptions Index 2017 and to rectify the situation before we slide further into more deterioration, I …

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Blood Ride – Biker hearts lend a beat in LOYAC annual donation drive

When a biker is willing to donate his blood he will be more careful about not spilling it on the asphalt in vain. — Jafar Behbehani LOYAC’s 6th blood donation event, organised by TriStar Motorcycle Establishment and sponsored by Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait was held on March 10, with …

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Invitation for corruption – Gifts, parties stepping stones

The government publicly acknowledged in writing that there was no comprehensive anti-corruption strategy. Despite the fact that this recognition is a tragedy, it favored the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor Hind Al-Subaih, by recognizing that the default is better than remaining silent, as the government has been for years. …

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MARS – ‘Dare to do mighty things’

Nagin Cox, Senior Engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, delivered a lecture titled ‘Dare to do Mighty Things: Hitting the Road on Mars’ detailing many facets of space explorations and the importance of working in teams, presented by the Center for Research in Informatics, Sciences and Engineering at the American …

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‘All-weather friend’ – The devil’s advocate

The title of the article ‘Devil’s Advocate’ has nothing to do with the well-known film of movie star Al Pacino, but rather a title that was given by the Roman Catholic Church to the man of law appointed by the Church to criticize and argue the laws made by the …

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COMIC-CON KUWAIT – From games to anime … and everything in-between

Coming back for its second year-round, Comic-Con Kuwait 2018 opened its doors to flocks of fans from every corner of the pop-culture industry. Inaugurated by the Head of Amiri Protocol, Sheikh Khaled Al-Abdullah Al-Sabah alongside the Ambassador of Japan to Kuwait Takashi Ashiki and Ambassador of the United States of …

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Root cause to end chaos – Ethics of driving

One of the unreasonable proposals made by a female legislator is to ban the issuance of driving licenses to residents (expatriates) saying they are the reason for congestion on the roads. She went on to add insult to injury and suggested if the expatriates do not accept the ban they …

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