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Tuesday , November 13 2018

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Hopeless State Government!!

ONE of the local daily newspapers published a report that principals in government schools have instructed teachers to stop using tablets after discovering some students did not use the gadgets for the intended purpose — using them in school, let alone the fact that some schools have no Internet. The …

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Regimented fight on corruption vs fight in a pampered manner

A FEW days ago, the French judiciary convicted the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Christine Lagarde of negligence in handling public funds. It happened after a series of lengthy trial sessions over the financial case which dominated the French opinion poll. The background of the case is …

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Why not follow the example of Castro

  FIDEL CASTRO, the man who ruled Cuba for half a century, died at the age of 90. The Island of Cuba declared 10 days mourning period that ended with the urn carrying his ashes being placed inside a room at the Armed Forces Ministry in Havana. One of the …

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The ‘ape’ who forces us to pray for mercy on Gaddafi

YES, we are entitled to pray for mercy on Muammar Gaddafi regardless of his bad political activities, dictatorship and corruption that he perpetrated alongside his children, which nobody disputes. Regardless of those serious misdeeds, he protected the internal security of our dear sisterly country, Libya, with unity among citizens within …

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Who will blow the whistle?

FINALLY, after the long wait and government-parliamentary delay, the executive regulations for the Anti-Corruption Authority have seen the light; hoping these regulations will be implemented immediately — on this day, not tomorrow. In a recent press statement, the head of Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority highlighted contents of the regulations. I would …

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Not welcomed at all

THE document signed by several fanatics in this country, promising tight grip on society through the implementation of hallow slogans prohibiting co-education in universities and schools, as well as segregation in sports clubs which they discovered recently. In my opinion, this document is nothing more than throwing dust into the …

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O Fintas coast … O Oxford Street!!

I WAS shocked, just like many others, by the level of backwardness and limitation of freedom that continue to slide lower and lower unconsciously, because our government is afraid of its shadow despite the fact that the fanatical lions who deafened our ears with their closed fanatical roars which are …

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What a beautiful red eye!

THERE IS no better way to deal with societies than implementing the law strictly and decisively. We, as a country, operate on an almost-complete constitutional system; yet our society is pervaded with corruption and mess due to one simple reason — lack of strictness and decisiveness in implementation of the …

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The Jungle … promised land … Trump Kuwaiti!!

MANY refugees from Arab countries like Syria, Sudan and Eritrea, as well as from Islamic countries like Afghanistan, went through a lot of difficulties and adventures in which they almost lost their lives just to reach the ‘Jungle Camp’ that is located in Calais, northwest France — opposite the English …

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Lesser of ‘two evils’, but who would dare?

THE recent drug bust, which led to discovery of the narcotics business of an art producer and his stock of hundreds of deadly chemical substances, warrants gratitude and appreciation for the Interior Ministry, its minister, undersecretary and the entire police force. However, as we said in previous occasions, the international …

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