Tuesday , September 18 2018

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

The Jungle … promised land … Trump Kuwaiti!!

MANY refugees from Arab countries like Syria, Sudan and Eritrea, as well as from Islamic countries like Afghanistan, went through a lot of difficulties and adventures in which they almost lost their lives just to reach the ‘Jungle Camp’ that is located in Calais, northwest France — opposite the English …

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Lesser of ‘two evils’, but who would dare?

THE recent drug bust, which led to discovery of the narcotics business of an art producer and his stock of hundreds of deadly chemical substances, warrants gratitude and appreciation for the Interior Ministry, its minister, undersecretary and the entire police force. However, as we said in previous occasions, the international …

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The blue bird and its continuous fall

OUR national carrier, with its ‘blue bird’, flies over the compound of the government’s failure in many aspects. It has been a continuous fall since the dismissal of its chairperson, Captain Sami Al-Nisf, due to his dispute with the minister of transportation. We hoped for the best from the leadership …

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Their racism is punishable … ours is hushed

BRITAIN’S series, “Coronation Street,” is the longest-running British soap aired by a British TV public channel. I was surprised to find out that this series is still going on, because I followed many of its episodes when I studied in Britain in the 1970s. Recently, the series caused an uproar …

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Oh our ‘DAESH’, put yourself in her place

WE are dedicating this story to DAESH and their many fans and supporters who live among us with their children, families, friends and relatives in peace and security. The story is about a 23-year old Yazidi woman named Nadia Murad who has been nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. In December …

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I take ‘selfies’, therefore I am

THE wave that swept every corner of the world with the current spread of smartphones which everyone possesses has changed many concepts on travelling, considering we used to carry cameras during our journeys before the smartphone curse or blessing befell us. We used to gather hundreds of black and white …

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Do you want for your children the destiny of JoJo?!

‘JOJO’ in the title of this article is the British child who appeared on a DAESH video clip last Friday. Along with other children, he was clad in military regalia, pointing guns at head-shaven hostages who wore orange execution clothes. The hostages in the video were identified as Kurdish whom …

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Sick Austrian versus a sick Kuwaiti

IN AUSTRIA, a study published recently recommended review of the current ‘sick leave system’. This came after a statistical sample which consisted of various sectors affirmed that more than a third of manpower — about 35 percent — return or report back to work while they are still sick or …

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It means, don’t criminalize Kuwaiti’s symbol 88

NEO-NAZIS use the number 88 as abbreviation for HH, as H is the eighth letter in the alphabet. Therefore, 88 represents HH — the short form of the Nazi salute, ‘Heil Hitler’. This salutation is banned and criminalized by most laws in modern countries due to the humanitarian atrocities committed …

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Not a wolf? … Then the wolves will eat you

I LAUGHED secretly when I read the story of a recently-married couple in Fuenlabrada, Madrid Metropolitan Area, Spain. They were blessed with a baby boy and wanted to give him a name related to power and courage. They chose the name ‘Lobo’ meaning ‘wolf’. However, the Personal Status General Directorate …

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