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Thursday , November 15 2018

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Incitement to live with evil

  IN MY last week’s article titled “People are in the religion of their government”, I had narrated the story of a Kuwaiti youth who is studying in the United States of America under the Kuwaiti government scholarship. I thought his scholarship was terminated because he got married to an …

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People in religion of their government

THE sudden rush against our brothers in humanity — expatriates — is unjustifiable, especially due to its sudden surprising emergence without prior warning. These three million people did not come to this country in a day or under a thick layer of darkness such that we just opened our eyes …

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Double standards!

HONORABLE Hind Al-Sabeeh, the Minister of Social Affairs and Labor refused to officially announce the non-profit organization named “Kuwait Liberal Movement”. She based her rejection of the organization on the fact that its main structure allows political interference, which is not permissible among nonprofit organizations (Al- Seyassah daily, March 12). …

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Art stronger than politics

ART neither knows limits nor restrictions or political redlines. In other words, the new US President, Donald Trump attacked Muslims and issued his first executive order banning the citizens of seven mainly Muslim majority countries from entering the United States of America, among them Iran. Hollywood , which is an …

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Demise of a ‘legendary’ fundamentalist terrorist

ONE of the senior fundamentalist extremists, who tempted Kuwait through political naturalization, commiserated the death of a senior symbol of terrorism in the world Omar Abdulrahman. Abdulrahman, who spent almost a quarter of a century in the jails of the United States of America for his participation in instigation and …

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Assembly’s Valentine and its Devil

ON TUESDAY, Feb 15, the young and active Member of Parliament Ahmed Al-Fadhel distributed red roses to his colleagues in the Parliament on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. This civilized initiative could have transformed the National Assembly from a place of insults and altercations to a place of sublimity and …

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Tearful aspects of Kuwait corruption

WITH Kuwait reaching the bottom of the corruption list in the Gulf region and falling by 20 points in the global corruption index, I believe we, especially the decision makers, should feel a bit ashamed. However, we are daily witnessing the contrary in the newspapers, as our officials in government …

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Respect for presidency … not President

WE have been intimate with tens of US presidents throughout our lives … from Eisenhower to Barack Obama … passing through Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Regan, Carter, George Bush — the father, Clinton and Bush — the son … but Donald Trump as president is something else. For the first time …

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A fascist philosopher behind every president

THE Saudi newspaper “Al-Sharq Al-Awsat” recently published an analysis report on the masterminds behind the presidents of the two biggest and strongest countries in the world — Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump. It is true that Trump came to power through free and direct elections, while Putin came to power …

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Not welcome!

FOLLOWING the imminent defeat of DAESH in Iraq, which is just around the corner, the next step will be to evacuate DAESH members from the land of Syria, which they have contaminated with their gruesome crimes. They took pride over these crimes and openly broadcasted them on social media with …

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