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Friday , February 28 2020

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Peace nowhere near your horizon

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli ACTIVISTS of the Muslim Brotherhood Group insist on coating their movement with a layer of peace despite the known fact about its …

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No consolation for ‘grads’ of Harvard

HARVARD University is one of the most prestigious and best universities in the world. It is a model of prestige, quality of education and seriousness. …

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Shameful law!

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Shameful is the law that prohibits naturalization of non-Muslims in Kuwait. This law was adopted by some of our parliamentarians, senior fanatics …

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To wake up late from Awakening is better than not waking up at all

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli I have seen a video clip circulated on social media,  which entails an interview with one of the most prominent leaders of …

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Not many fingers will likely remain

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli I heard on BBC Radio a story which occurred during the Indian elections. These elections are being held in various stages and …

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O children of Satan, Islam disassociates itself from you and your supporters

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli ISLAM completely disassociates itself from what ‘ISIS’ has done and continue to do, given that even those who were called ‘Kharijites’ in …

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Glimpse of civility and humanity

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli THE entire world was shaken by grief and pain when fire engulfed one of the most beautiful and oldest churches in the …

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Device to address devil

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli WHEN I say ‘device to address the devil’, I mean the iPhone which can be considered an affliction that multi-billion American companies …

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You continue to remain our government’s spoiled child

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli ONE of the odd, wailing and whining ‘Brotherhood’ fundamentalists is insolent in what we write about the government’s pampering of fundamentalists (Brotherhood/Salafists) …

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Thank you humanitarian leader … we lead, others follow

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli NEW ZEALAND’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern received great admiration and appreciation from leaders and nations around the world for her understanding, realization, …

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