Wednesday , October 17 2018

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Déjà vu!

THE entire world, without exception, was shaken when thousands of supporters of Iraqi Shiite politician Muqtada al-Sadr stormed the heavily fortified government district of Green Zone and took the Parliament building by a storm. They stormed the Parliament building in protest against the failure of Members of Parliament to vote …

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Curse of our airport

I DID not know that the Kuwait International Airport, which I have been criticizing for some time because of its small size and old lifespan compared to other airports around the world, is less than humble and is a ‘curse’ as it is mentioned. A few days ago I left …

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Brotherhood Group is parallel to gloominess

IT HAS been a while since I decided to stop writing about the Muslim Brotherhood Group. However, the problem is this group and its members somehow forces you to remember them — perhaps for the people not to forget them even if they are talking about the group’s scandals or …

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When will the authority devour ‘the big cheese’?

MANY, including me, have been asking why the names of high-profile Arab officials did not appear in the recently leaked ‘Panama Papers’, which were published by independent Western newspapers, about the soaring wealth of several high-profile politicians, sports individuals and artists, and their deposits in what is known as tax …

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Secret of change

I WAS in the first batch of students from Kuwait who went to France on scholarship during the 1960s after the war for Algerian independence from France. At that time the Arabs particularly those from North Africa were seen as social outcasts, unpleasant people. They roamed the alleyways where immoral …

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Kuwait Airport, got to do with it … unwillingly

EVEN though we do not desire to, we have to unwillingly do with our (international) airport, which is the worst not only in the region but the entire world. To know this one has to just look at the pictures of the new Bangladesh airport and the airports of Shanghai, …

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Jolie & the queen

THE noted Hollywood star Angelina Jolie, married to the Hollywood superstar ‘Brad Pitt’, last week left behind her blond husband and her six children — one of them a Syrian, adopted just recently — to visit Lebanon on the fifth anniversary of the Syrian crisis to get first hand information …

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Welcome … but?

  WE welcome the new amendments to the old Traffic Law as they include tougher penalties for each violation. With resentment, we witness violations being committed day and night on our ‘old’ streets. Both citizens and expatriates — men and women, veiled or unveiled — continue to commit these violations. …

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Patience has limits

THE tribal lawmaker who boasted that more than 90 young men from his tribe got admission at the Saad Al-Abdullah Academy for Security Sciences and the Ali Sabah Al-Salem Military College upon his recommendation has violated the Kuwaiti Constitution which speaks of justice, liberty and equality which forms the firmest …

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‘We entreat Almighty Allah to empower them over you’

IT IS not a secret that some people among us do not hide their reticent admiration for the heinous crimes committed by DAESH in the name of Islam, which has nothing to do with such crimes in Libya, Syria and Iraq. The number of those silently admiring DAESH are double …

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