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Wednesday , November 21 2018

Ahmed Al Jarallah

Kuwait a hostage to unending crises

WE hardly came out of the citizenship revocation crisis when we entered the forgery related crisis, then the land grabbing scandal surfaced suddenly. Before the situation calmed down, the storm blew over forged certificates in all segments of society and government departments, which dwarfed the previous crises. There are several …

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Mohammad VI … El-Hoceima inspires the determination

KING MOHAMMAD VI usually surprises all segments in Morocco with a position expressing the situation of his people while pushing officials to face challenges squarely in the service of the nation. Whoever listened to the speech he delivered to commemorate the 19th anniversary of his ascension to the throne would …

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Hamad Bin Jassem … I will remind you if you have forgotten

FORMER Qatari prime minister Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassem said on Twitter: “We should agree that Iran is a neighbor we disagree with on some policies, but we should not take it too far, up to the level of absolute enmity. It is an opportunity for us, as GCC countries, to …

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Soft blade of Muhammed Bin Zayed bleeds Emirates’ enemies

CHAOS witnessed by the Arab media in the past seven years could be attributed to the unprecedented lack of decorum and failure to follow traditions. Gulf countries never witnessed the current deviation from values and customs — more than the practices of Nazi media, including lies and distortion of facts. …

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Saudi and Gulf position to wake the world from its slumber

WHEN the world turned its back on Yemen in 2011, the Yemenis were left with only the GCC countries to rescue them by laying down a mechanism to resolve the crisis that enveloped their country and to wipe out the cup of civil war from their lips. The war hardly …

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Mother of Iranian wars and mother of Saddamite battles

FROM the ‘Mother of Battles’ slogan coined by Saddam Hussein in 1991 to the ‘Mother of Wars’ which Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is bragging about, there has been a rotating comic reel of history. In both cases, the target of the challenge is the United States first, the region second …

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Renaissance of Oman … Sultanate of renaissances

THE Sultanate of Oman is folding the 48th page of its renaissance book which started in 1970 as it opens a new and brighter page in all fields — politics, economy and development, based on the wise and realistic vision of Sultan Qabous bin Saeed who devoted himself to working …

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In order not to be bitten twice from the same hole

IT IS true that the ongoing events in Iraq are considered an internal issue related to demanding better living standards after 15 years of suffering caused by perverse attitude toward reality. Nonetheless, it will not hurt to be cautious. In fact, the highest alert level is necessary, because today’s Iraq …

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Leaders of Palestinian liberation shops sold the issue to buy alternative nation

A FEW days ago, the Knesset approved the Jewish State Law. The approval closed a new window in front of the settlement between the Israelis and Palestinians, while opening more gates of concessions provided by leaders of different groups — either individually or altogether. Giving up the right to return …

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Helsinki summit … Israel

IT IS not surprising that Israel was on top of the agenda at the Trump-Putin summit in Helsinki, making other thorny issues less important. Coming out of the summit, US President Donald Trump said the United States and Russia will work jointly to ensure Israel’s security. He disclosed that he …

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