Saturday , September 22 2018

Ahmed Al Jarallah

So that Syria does not become another Palestine

ISN’T the current incident in Syria similar to what happened in Palestine in 1948 when the Arab armies promised to return Palestinians to their homes within two or three weeks and they will throw the Jews into the sea? What happened 67 years after the Palestinian plight? If Arabs ignored, …

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Safety of Egypt isn’t exceptional

NO country in this world, despite its high security capabilities, is able to completely control its internal situation as incidents continue to happen from time to time. Whenever a security agency updates its tactics in combating crimes, the criminals also revise their methods; so countries have been striving to prevent …

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‘DAESH’, chaos and Gandhi saga

IN the midst of sectarian, doctrinal and racial conflicts which have spread like wild fire in the entire region accompanied by world condemnations of crimes committed by DAESH, we remember Mahatma Gandhi. The late Indian Father of Nation then said, ‘Every time the Indians united against the British occupiers, they …

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Justice to children of Kuwaiti women

DOES a female citizen lose her right to enjoy a secure social life like her male compatriot just because she got married to a non-Kuwaiti? Is allegiance to this country for men alone, not for women? These questions were raised due to the predicament of Kuwaiti women married to non-Kuwaitis, …

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Genie of terrorism … your creation … get rid of it

EGYPTIANS have an adage regarding a person who fell into the trap he set for others: “He brought the genie and he could not dismiss it.” This adage is applicable to countries which sought the assistance of militias, similar to what happened in Afghanistan when the United States of America …

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Iran … DAESH’s head of evil

WHO is benefiting from the instigation of hatred against Muslims?  Why does a terrorist group emerge to incite hatred every time abhorrence against Muslims starts to dwindle? Is it possible for a new organization with minor capacity to suddenly become this powerful, such that the formation of unified global forces …

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Which justice are you threatening them with?

“WE will bring terrorists to justice.” This is the most notable statement made by some leaders when terrorists hit their countries. It is the same statement made by Russian President Vladimir Putin after announcing that the terrorists brought down a Russian airplane. French President Francois Hollande made a similar statement …

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Sultan of fulfillment

STRONG establishments in a modern State usually catch up with the movement of the modern age at a calculated pace.  Here is the Sultanate of Oman celebrating its 45th National Day at a time the Omanis, under the guidance of their Sultan, managed to take great civilization leaps throughout the …

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Don’t let Syria be a ‘Somalia’

STARTING from Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, and then Libya and Yemen, the United States of America has shouldered the responsibility of maintaining security and stability in these countries — besides helping their citizens get rid of dictators who ruled them to pave way for the establishment of democratic ruling regimes. Yet, …

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Exterminate them … before they exterminate you

WE said it before that division between Arabs was the first reason behind the spread of terrorism. Today, we continue to say that global hesitance plays a major role in the spread of this plague (terrorism) which hit France recently. Before France, it hit the United States of America, Spain, …

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