Tuesday , September 18 2018

Ahmed Al Jarallah

Syria crisis of existence

DID the regime and opposition in Syria need a large number of deaths, injuries and displacement of the people, along with massive destruction and military interference, in order to be convinced to return to the declaration of Geneva I Conference on Syria three years after its issuance? Isn’t the final …

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The ‘summit’ of integration

FOR the first time in the history of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) summits, we feel the summit’s concluding statement has not only nursed the wound of every council member but implicitly has expressed the ambitions of the people in the sphere of economic spectrum and incorporation of interests. This …

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Syria, Arabs and ‘lessons’

IT SEEMS the Arabs will never learn lessons from the past, so the same mistakes are repeated in terms of dealing with their problems. This is what anybody who watched the Syrian opposition conference in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia must have concluded — similar to another opposition conference held in Al-Haskah …

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Persian, Zionist and Ottoman triangle of evil

WE have been concerned about three issues throughout the past years — the forces of Iranian Revolutionary Guard that have been flowing continuously into Syria and Iraq, the escalating Israeli tyranny over Palestinians and occasional Israeli airstrikes against Syria, and the entry of Turkish forces to Iraq. The proverb, “We …

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Misgivings on eliminating IS

CURRENTLY, there are two international coalitions fighting against the ISIL and both of them have yet to succeed in eliminating the group.  In fact, the group continues to expand despite the intense bombardment.  This is what happened to every group like ISIL. — because every battle against these groups in …

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Yemen … victory has a price

EVERYONE should know the truth that the GCC countries and their allies fighting in Yemen are not only fighting against the Houthis and groups affiliated to former Yemeni President Ali Abdallah Saleh, because they are also combating the expansion scheme of Iran. This major expansion scheme started in Lebanon through …

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Where is Turkey heading with its obstinacy?

MISTAKES have been committed in the war waged by some countries against terrorism (ISIL). Even if the mistake is small, it is detrimental and it might change the course of the entire battle. This is what the government of Turkey should have taken into consideration before issuing orders to shoot …

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UAE … history, determination and knowledge

DECEMBER 2 is not an ordinary date in the Gulf and Arab history. It is a ‘station’ for learning how to succeed and establish a modern country that consists of several emirates through the determination of Gulf leaders whom the entire nation remembers. These leaders made unity their destiny, so …

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So that Syria does not become another Palestine

ISN’T the current incident in Syria similar to what happened in Palestine in 1948 when the Arab armies promised to return Palestinians to their homes within two or three weeks and they will throw the Jews into the sea? What happened 67 years after the Palestinian plight? If Arabs ignored, …

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Safety of Egypt isn’t exceptional

NO country in this world, despite its high security capabilities, is able to completely control its internal situation as incidents continue to happen from time to time. Whenever a security agency updates its tactics in combating crimes, the criminals also revise their methods; so countries have been striving to prevent …

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