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Wednesday , November 21 2018

Ahmed Al Jarallah

Muhammad bin Rashid, go slowly so we can catch up

YOUR HIGHNESS Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid, excuse us if we make you bear the responsibility of burdening our governments and leaders with attempts to catch up with initiatives and tremendous ideas, through which you wrote the history of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) by describing it as the development pioneer …

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Amend laws on financial waste

THE question that pops into the mind of every Kuwaiti during talks on reducing expenditures is: How many people in this country live below the poverty line for efforts to remedy the national deficit or reduce subsidies to be considered hindrances to development? Is this the first time that the …

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Hamas, dual shop owner

  UNDOUBTEDLY, the Palestinian cause is the most just in human history that has been savagely exploited by Palestinian political forces.  If it was said in the past that some factions were ‘hired guns’ like the case of Abu Nidal Organization, then the Hamas Group has rendered the Palestinian blood …

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Prolific child bearer

KUWAIT was not built on the sand of the Gulf beach that is prone to destruction due to waves of personality clashes or tribal and sectarian politics. It is a strong nation supported by the strength of a society which is united by culture, traditions and norms based on loyalty. …

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Syrian Geneva … have mercy on your people

  DOES the humanitarian crisis, which has been devastating Syria, lead to more conditions and counter conditions — or the best way for the opposition to protect the Syrians is to seriously strive towards stopping the conflict and counter blockades? The Syrian opposition, regardless of its differences in political texture, …

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GCC Economic Council for managing sovereign funds

MANY questions have been raised about the proper way to overcome the current economic crisis caused by the oil price decline in the global market. Each country in the GCC is presenting a solution that appears suitable, amid the absence of a unified strategy to help the organization as a …

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Stop the exploitation of limited income earners

  THE vision is clear now; selling shenanigans about the negative effects of lifting subsidies from limited income earners is no more valid among the limited income earners themselves who became the focus of political and electoral gain invested in the ballot box or wealth increase. It appears that the …

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Lift subsidies … Trust in Allah

IT IS now time for Kuwaitis to face the bitter reality. It is time for the government to stop using the tone of flattery in dealing with the worsening economic crisis that has been battering our country, just like other oil-producing countries which depended on oil as the only source …

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Persian Zar rituals cannot wipe out Mullah’s crimes

IT IS a big risk for anybody to think that lifting sanctions on Iran will make the Mullah regime change in terms of dealing with the region. This idea has been widely promoted at various levels, especially after the speech of US President Barack Obama and his signature on the …

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A new Iran chapter? Time will tell

  BY lifting sanctions imposed on Iran due to its nuclear program, the international community removed one of the bombs from the minefield that the Iranian regime has planted for the last 37 years. This started with the ‘export’ of revolution, followed by supporting terrorist groups and it now has …

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