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Saturday , November 17 2018

Ahmed Al Jarallah

Iran, enough with the ‘ballistic’ talk

IN THE past two decades, we have been hearing many names for Iran’s missiles – from ‘Zilzal’, ‘Sijeel’ to ‘Shihab’ and its types. Revolutionary Guard officials said all these missiles are aimed at Israel, bragging about their capability to hit any target in Israel or anywhere in the region. In …

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Indeed, this is your era, O Salman!

YES, it is your era, O Salman bin Abdulaziz. You deserve to be proud of it and so do we. We, along with the entire world, witnessed how determination and decisiveness can confront forces of evil and terror. It is indeed your era – the era of development, in parallel …

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Palestine of ’47 in Syrian divide

  THE Syrians, Syria or the country’s infrastructure can ill-afford political negotiations because the destiny of the nation is written in the blood of innocent people — people who have witnessed unprecedented migration in the history of mankind and all round destruction which has surpassed the World War II calamity. …

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Ravens of misfortune, agents of calamity

JOHA, a folkloric comic character, was one day visiting a neighboring country with his son. Father and son were seen riding on the back of a donkey with their luggage. As they continued on their journey, people began to laugh because they had no regard for the donkey. Some of …

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Beware of Iran ‘Trojan horses’

  WHEN the issue is about the national security of any country, there is no room for tradeoff between emotional disposition and national position — because it is punishable by law for the former to supersede the latter as such an act weakens morale of the people. When the GCC …

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Egypt … and orphans of Hassan El-Banna

IT seems the British columnist David Hirst’s stay in Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon, has affected his vision of facts and reality because he has started using the same random method that some Arabs use to mislead the public. After writing a series of fierce analyses concerning a number …

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From storm to thunder, decisiveness continues

THE Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries have decisively announced the listing of Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. In spite of the fact that this step should have been taken when the group started interfering with our internal affairs — through provocations or destructive operations — it is better late than …

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Iran in front of wind of change

PRELIMINARY results of the Iranian elections depicted features of the coming phase, as majority of the nation declared their intention in terms of rejecting radicals who hold on to the country and drag it into the adventures of their frivolous wars. These radicals have been depleting a big percentage of …

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How long will we put up with the ‘tubas’ of insult and distrust?

  FIFTY-FIVE years since the start of constitutional work and State institutions, have we reached a point where democracy reflects daily on the practices of people or we just wear the democratic cloak without its essence? Undoubtedly, there is misconception about democracy — its principles on respecting relations between every …

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‘Remove’ Lebanon from Sheikh Hassan’s burrows

LET us compare in figures what the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia gave to Lebanon in the last quarter of the century — from 1991 until last year — with what Iran has given to this country whose Arab identity is being peeled off by a hired gang. According to Russian …

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