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Saturday , November 17 2018

Ahmed Al Jarallah

Group of blood, betrayal

FOR the past seven decades, Arab revolutionary groups have been raising slogans on fighting against imperialism, Zionism, capitalism and bigotry, as well as anti-American and Israel sentiments. Whenever one of such groups takes power, every Arab is stunned to discover that the leaders carried out a coup through the plans …

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He is Abdullah bin Al-Hussein

WHEN the flames of the Arab Spring crematory lit the horizon, when the military alliances changed hands, we read in disbelief misleading news reports. The purpose was to negatively influence the relations between stable Arab nations, and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan was no exception. At stake was the image of …

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Great Egypt

EACH DAY, the world witnesses hundreds of incidents as a result of actions carried out by mentally challenged people. The consequence of such acts ends instantly once the perpetrator is arrested, similar to what happened in Washington – the capital of the United States of America – a few weeks …

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Glory of Lebanon given up to a religious leader

  GENERAL MICHEL AOUN has been convinced that he is the victim of the empty promise game whose balloons are blown every now and then by his major ally — Hassan Nasrallah, in terms of crowning his political journey by becoming the president of Lebanon and leader of the Oriental …

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Agree not to ‘lose’ Syria

AS the Syrian crisis drags the country into the sixth year of uncertainty the unfortunate citizens of this country have no other option but to opt for a political solution because the country has seen enough of murders, massacres, displacement and destruction of towns, cities and even villages. To add …

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Lebanon’s insolvency party

IT looks like the Lebanese are destined to come out of the tunnel which was dug for them by ‘Hezbollah’ but fall into another ditch because this ‘terrorist’ party is determined to destroy the country’s institutions. Apparently, this supreme soldier who is hoping to become the Murshid of the Lebanese …

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Your Highness … this is not the way to go

YOUR Highness Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, it is not a secret that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is an economic locomotive not only for Arabs in general, but also for GCC countries in particular. Accordingly, anything that happens in the Kingdom directly affects the Gulf and …

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Obama deserves Mullah ‘Award … for Terrorism’

  WE do not need to go through what Jeffrey Goldberg has published about the ‘Obama creed’ to understand what the US president — who is spending his last year at the White House — thinks. We understood his corrupt dogma from the stand he has taken and the speeches …

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Reject sectarianism

THE Sykes-Picot Agreement, conceived in a backroom of Britain’s House of Commons and drafted on the back of an envelope, rearranged the borders of the Middle East separating tribal and family members. Arab countries were shared between France and the UK as though they were slices of cake. That cannot …

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UN’s Ban bias violates Moroccan sovereignty

NONE of the former United Nations (UN) secretary-generals took a biased action similar to that of incumbent Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon who highlighted the Western Sahara case; regarding it as an occupied land as if he has forgotten or disregarded, or maybe, he is ignorant — it does not really matter …

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