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Wednesday , December 12 2018

Ahmed Al Jarallah

Prince Mohammad, your grandfather started in Kuwait and from then began a mutual destiny

WELCOME to the country where your grandfather began his journey that unified a great country – the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a vast peninsula. Welcome to the country liberated from the Iraqi invasion due to the kingdom’s efforts and that of its people and leadership, on top of them was …

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How Sheikh Zayed spoke

IT HAS been narrated that the minister of justice during the foundation of the United Arab Emirates went to its founder – the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al-Nahyan – with a proposal on how to pursue debtors by imposing travel ban on them and imprisoning them until the debt …

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Tehran tasting its own poison

UNDOUBTEDLY, the phrase, “taste of your own poison,” totally applies to the Mullah regime which is known as the master chef of terrorism poison in the modern era. Therefore, the incident in Ahvaz last Saturday was a taste of what was cooked by hands contaminated with blood of Arabs from …

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Arab Alliance is self defense

IT HAS become crystal clear that the decision-making kitchen in Iran excels in estimating the ingredients, such that the poison it cooks backfires on it. Therefore, the proverb, ‘Eat the bad food you cooked,’ is applicable to Iran. The Iranian regime fled from internal social and economic crises due to …

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‘Advancing, advancing until Jerusalem’ Iran’s historical lie

THE Mullah regime adopted the slogan, “Advancing, advancing until Jerusalem,” 39 years ago. Since then, we have not seen any of them crawling or walking towards Jerusalem. In fact, we discovered that those advancing, or rather, marching are the Persian invasion locusts which wiped out every one in the entire …

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Ask Husni Borazan about Idlib

THE Syrian city of Idlib has been making regional protagonists preoccupied with Syrian affairs, together with local militias linked to it based on the nature of its scheme which has been exposed in the last seven years. News from most areas came through them. The news contained more hopes and …

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Hezbollah, a history of assassinations and purge

THE Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) in the International Criminal Court will soon complete its tasks concerning the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq Hariri.  This is after perusing about 300 indictment documents and listening to 300 witnesses of the crime of the era. With this, the circle has …

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Hitler of Iran commits suicide at Basra gates

IT HAS become clear that the Iranian expansion project has reached an impasse. The sectarian arms used by the Iranian regime to mobilize supporters have fallen, especially in Iraq which was considered the reserve of Arab human resource. It was over when they set fire to the Iranian consulate in …

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We are either patriotic Kuwaitis or otherwise

THE country is not a market for buying and selling; while sectarianism, tribalism and party affiliation take precedence over the country. You are either a Kuwaiti who puts patriotism above everything or not. The kind of contention over personal and electoral interests is not different from what was the trend …

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Syria Sykes Picot in Idlib

AS THE banging of war drums starts in the city of Idlib in Syria, the concerned countries are preoccupying themselves with this intricate file to set up profit and loss accounts as a preliminary step towards preparing for the tug-of-war operation in that area. This war seems to precede the …

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