Sunday , January 21 2018

Ahmed Al Jarallah

Salman … promise fulfilled

THE clean-up campaign of Saudi Arabia against corrupt individuals, which was launched through direct order from King Salman bin Abdulaziz and under the direct supervision of Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman — chief of the Higher Council of the National Anti-corruption Commission, is not the end. Instead, it is just …

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Resignation dawn of a new Lebanon

LEBANON hardly came out of the presidential vacuum crisis which was graced by Arab countries, especially the Gulf countries; for it to reenter the dungeons of division through the obstinacy of ‘Hezbollah’ and its persistence to cling onto its micro-state against the State. ‘Hezbollah’ has done this in a bid …

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Final days for ‘Hezb-flip-flops’

THE incident, which took place in Hay Al-Solam in the southern area of Beirut — the capital of Lebanon, exposed the environmental nemesis that incubates the ‘Hezbollah’. For the first time since 1982, the incident put the group before national accountability in which neither intimidation nor oppression, as practiced in …

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Until when Guardian of the Constitution? – We are tired of the flippant ones

O HH the Amir, you said in your elevated speech during the recent opening session of the National Assembly, “I am the guardian of the Constitution and I will not allow it to be infringed. It is the main guarantee, after Almighty Allah, for peace and stability of the nation. …

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Amir has spoken, time will tell

KNOWN for his transparency, His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah gave his word at the inauguration of the second parliamentary term. The word is a platform for the legislative authority that bears national responsibility to come out of the cocoon of familiarity with the horizon and act. …

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Until when will Kuwait remain on the palm of wicked MPs?

UNDOUBTEDLY, lack of election program and settling for personal promises and services led to parliamentary bankruptcy that Kuwait has never witnessed since the start of its parliamentary life. This is especially true in the last three decades when control tools provided by the Constitution were transformed into scarecrows to threaten …

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Emirate leaders, take it easy on us

WE say this openly to the leaders of the Emirates (United Arab Emirates): Take it easy on us O HH Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid and HH Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayed. Do not exhaust us with surprises that we cannot match. Just yesterday, you came up with the Ministry of Happiness. …

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Muhammad bin Salman … rights holders shout we want solutions

INVESTORS from Saudi Arabia, Gulf, Arab and foreign countries are relieved after the arrest of a Saudi billionaire of Kuwaiti origin — Maan Al-Sanea; because this is the first important step towards realization of ‘Vision 2030’ on developing the Kingdom’s economy and putting it on the right path. This also …

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Iraq watch out, the fire is huge

UNDOUBTEDLY, avoiding war in the oil regions of Kirkuk is a good step towards reducing tensions that emitted from the recent secession referendum in Kurdistan. However, this would not be enough unless Iraqis are wary about falling into the trap of civil war. Iraqis have had enough with the wars …

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