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Saturday , April 20 2019

Ahmed Al Jarallah

State, people for ‘one vote’ system

MAKING unnecessary noise or fake promises or echoing slogans to entice voters as part of political acting at their expense just to reach the Parliament …

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Fraudsters’ concealed agendas exposed … battleground is here

UNDOUBTEDLY, the coming election will be different from the previous one in terms of formation and context, because the changes that occurred in the last …

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A fiery speech from field King

IT IS NOT strange for King Mohammed VI to direct, in his speeches, sharp criticisms at central interests and different constituents in the administratively decentralized …

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Ingratitude is Kuwait’s glitch … rescue us O Amir

O HH the Prime Minister, question: Are the owners of palaces and beautiful villas with private gardens in Abdullah Salem, Yarmouk, Qurtobah and other areas …

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Yusuf bin Alawi, Omani ‘wisdom’

The Sultanate of Oman follows a consistent regional and foreign policy that strives toward peace and averting conflicts — through which the country has earned …

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Dissolution no solution

SUDDENLY, the voices calling for dissolution of the National Assembly intensified although there are a few months left before the end of the current parliamentary …

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The time-wasting Lebanon leaders

A POPULAR adage among Lebanese applies to the current situation in their country: “If you want to destroy your country, pray for a lot of …

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Leave … let Syrians decide their future

SINCE the beginning of the conflict in Syria, the administration of US President Barack Obama has offered nothing to help the Syrians except pledges of …

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The State, decisive decision … and citizenship, obligations before rights

WHY all this fuss about the fuel price hike? Is this the kind of issue that necessitates tears from the current and previous members of …

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US lost between camel … elephant

THE ‘Cowboy Congress’ never anticipated the global campaigns against the so-called ‘Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act’ (JASTA), because the way of thinking in America …

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