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Wednesday , November 21 2018

Ahmed Al Jarallah

Leave … let Syrians decide their future

SINCE the beginning of the conflict in Syria, the administration of US President Barack Obama has offered nothing to help the Syrians except pledges of support. We hear fiery statements during the day but by night these statements lose their glow. This has become a habit for the White House …

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The State, decisive decision … and citizenship, obligations before rights

WHY all this fuss about the fuel price hike? Is this the kind of issue that necessitates tears from the current and previous members of the Parliament who aspire to return to the legislature, or from politicians whose parliamentary membership was nullified; hence, they fish for anything in order to …

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US lost between camel … elephant

THE ‘Cowboy Congress’ never anticipated the global campaigns against the so-called ‘Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act’ (JASTA), because the way of thinking in America is based on three principles that contradict norms and values. The first principle is that the founding fathers came to the new found land due …

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‘Unwavering’ Abbas and kiosks of jingles

PALESTINIAN President Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) is more able, among the leaders of the Arab nations, in safeguarding the interests of Palestine and no one in the Arab World is more Palestinian than him. For years, this man has been bearing the burden of defending his national case with what …

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Have mercy on Palestine, exorcise Iran-Israel spell

ARABS are still going around an empty circle with regard to the Palestinian cause. They want peace with Israel by presenting initiatives on one hand, but on the other hand, they criticize any dialogue or communication with it. This is the reality we will keep on reiterating after agitating the …

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Hey cowboy! … We are not Red Indians

HAS the cowboy mentality returned to dominate the political demeanor of the members of US Congress to the extent that they consider other global nations as Red Indians whose land they think they can steal and wealth they can control? We hope that is not the actual case. We also …

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Kuwaitis … era of pampering is over

THE government hardly announced the process of streamlining expenditures when the wailers raised their voices. They deliberately ignored the fact that no matter how serious the current crisis is, it cannot be compared to the experience a quarter century ago when the Iraqi invasion pushed Kuwaitis to face the reality …

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Saleh, no dialogue before repentance

IT SEEMS that the defeats caused by legitimate forces in Yemen, populace resistance and Arab coalition to rebels in Yemen have made ousted Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh suffer from bipolar political behavior. In his recent speech, he said he wants to fight the coalition for a decade as he …

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King Salman … money less precious than nations

IS IT possible for the citizens of any occupied country to live in material comfort and dignity or the country will use all of its capabilities to steer the cup of bitter invasion away from its lips? The answer to this question is extremely important at a time we hear …

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Al-Houthi and the ousted … declared bankrupt

THE decision of the legitimate Yemeni government to relocate the Central Bank from Sanaa to Aden – the temporary capital city of Yemen, reveals the extent of the rebels’ lack of conviction that they are the authority in Yemen for the past two years.  All they did in this regard …

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