Wednesday , June 20 2018

Ahmed Al Jarallah

Celebration of American paranoia

  EVERY empire has an end. The end of an empire usually starts when it feels it has the utmost power that can enable it to control the entire world. This was exactly how the Roman Empire collapsed. Its leaders thought their empire had the right to capture the whole …

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Doomed is the government that does not shield its decisions

SHIELDING the decision of the government, any government, is a very important principle to ascertain the power entrusted in the executive authority on the destiny of the country. When the government slacks in this regard, it automatically relinquishes its power to the one it submits to. Our government must understand …

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Lest the day comes when Syrians long for Assad

TRUST between countries does not mean imposing a decision or putting a decree into effect. Instead, trust is based on practices gained legitimately and the world cannot omit such gains easily. Therefore, it is not easy for any country to regain international trust through the decision of its leadership, especially …

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Dreams of the bats not ‘achievable’ in Yemen

IS IT not time yet for Yemen to loosen up on the vain Houthi-Saleh bet on the element of time that has been always against them since the start of the crisis? After one year and a half of war, during which the rebels tried to spread their fictitious control …

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Don’t take from State if you won’t give to it

THE decision on the new prices of fuel takes effect today. In other words, it is a great national test for all. Will they stand by the powerful State that is able to meet demands for prosperity, along with its national and constitutional responsibilities, according to the law and reason? …

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Crises only solved with determination

THE government has resolved the sports issue and it is determined to implement the law, through which it has restored the reverence it needed to impose for quite some time. If only it had happened on time, the government would have saved a lot for itself and the Kuwaitis who …

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US reversion not a virtue

DID the United States of America need about 300,000 deaths, more than a million disabled and injured, and 12 million displaced and refugees, in order to realize that the solution in Syria cannot be reached through military option and that the political negotiation is the only way to end the …

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Search for the original ‘DAESH’ in Iran

THE international alliance is intensifying strikes against DAESH and even countries outside the alliance are attacking the terrorist group. Here is Turkey that launched a military campaign against the locations occupied by DAESH in North Syria, hitting two birds with a single stone. While Turkey sends DAESH domination away from …

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Subsidies a kettle with a lot of holes

A CERTAIN voice wants the government to remedy the economic and financial crisis caused by the oil price decline without touching the service earnings which put a huge burden on public funds and continue to go to waste. The reason is those benefiting from subsidies have louder voices and they …

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Mohammad VI’s unique bond with his subjects

KING MOHAMMAD VI revived the vision when he reactivated the royal revolution, led by his grandfather, against colonialists. This is due to his close contact with citizens, enabling him to feel their pulse as well as address the issues concerning them and the nation in general. In a speech he …

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