Wednesday , September 26 2018

Ahmed Al Jarallah

O MPs, your bazaars will not solve the citizenship problem

SOME MPs have made the issue of the revocation of citizenship from violators of law as their main priority, with the elections and media image in their minds. They have invested everything in order to horrifically take advantage of people’s situations in an unprecedented manner. They have been flexing their …

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So Lebanese President does not reiterate Nasrallah’s arguments

THERE has never been a time when the president of any country gave precedence to the interest of a terrorist militia over his country’s interests. Even in countries with oneparty ruling system, the leaders would not dare to extol the militia at the expense of the national army, especially if …

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This is our Gulf

THE Arabian Gulf, with its people and its leaders, intuitively manifest union of statehood beyond the concept of nationality, which has been based on brotherhood, dating back to hundreds of years, from the north bank of the Arabian Peninsula to the Hormuz Strait. Therefore, when the United Arab Emirates (UAE) …

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Muhammad bin Zayed’s gathering: transparency of the ruler and the ruled

EVERY Monday, Abu Dhabi and other emirates apply the open-door policy of transparency, which brings down the barriers between the ruler and the ruled. On Mondays, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of United Arab Emirates Armed Forces Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed holds his gathering (majlis) …

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Destructionists … not MPs

NINETY days of the life of the current National Assembly have passed but all we have witnessed so far are aggravations, interpellations and a flood of parliamentary questions for the ministers and their head. In these past ninety days, no achievement in terms of legislation has become recorded by the …

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Read Iran’s letter in Nasrallah’s language

IS Iran really striving for stability in the region and formation of good relations with its neighbors on the other side of the Arabian Gulf? Was the visit of the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani to the Sultanate of Oman and the State of Kuwait intended to close many of the …

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Brotherhood’s devil in Egypt and Kuwait

WHEN unproductive arguments had overshadowed productive deeds, the Byzantines were caught off guard, which resulted in the fall of their empire. The current situation in the Arab world is not a lot different from that of the Byzantines, especially in countries where parliamentary system prevails such as in Kuwait, Bahrain …

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MPs … Gradually moving towards ‘solution’

IN an attempt to revive old wounds, 39 MPs agreed on discussing the so-called ‘multi-million deposits’ file-despite the file was presented to the Public Prosecution four years ago and investigations had been concluded in that regard. Needless to say, the MPs decided to revive the case in an open debate-disregarding …

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Perhaps suspending it is better for everyone

THERE is a question that has been asked many times in various local circles – What is the point of having a strong Parliament which continues day by day to exceed the cost of Parliamentary positions on financial and economic aspects? Is democracy about accusations and blackmailing? Whenever the Parliament …

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MP road to chaos

VAIN and self-serving MPs are taking the country back to the days of aggravations, after disappointing the aspirations of the people of Kuwait by returning to their disharmonious and malicious interpellation rhetoric. It is evident that those returning from their political boycott have not learnt from the past experience and …

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