Wednesday , September 19 2018

Ahmed Al Jarallah

Salman and Abdullah II: Summit of promising potentials

EVERYONE knows the importance of the strategic location of the Kingdom of Jordan and its pivotal role in issues concerning Arabs. Through this, Jordan can play a pioneering role in bringing together the Arab-international perspectives, due to the wide relations the Jordanian king shares with major Western countries, and his …

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Hosni Mubarak is innocent … forgive them O President

“I WAS born and brought up in Egypt. I will continue living in it and I will be buried in its land. I will never leave it.” — This was the response of Hosni Mubarak to the harshest kind of threats launched against him with the aim of forcing him …

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Tangiers ‘first’ Moroccan rain

THE industrial city of Tangiers (Tanja city of Morocco) represents the first drop of the rain of development which, without any doubt, will spread throughout the Kingdom of Morocco. This development comes after the Moroccan King Muhammad VI spent years gathering every component needed for ensuring new growth, either through …

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Parliamentary procedures source of corruption, destruction

PERHAPS, our members of Parliament are not convinced after 56 years of parliamentary work that their task entails legislation and oversight, and not governance, which is under the jurisdiction of HH the Amir of Kuwait assisted by the executive authority (Cabinet). The MPs have no right to transgress the authority …

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Return Syrians to their country

AFTER six years of war in Syria, negotiations continue to wobble while killings and destruction are worsening. The first meeting concerning the Syrian crisis was held in Geneva, which was followed by the second, third and fourth. However, none of these meetings managed to reach any tangible agreement. Eventually, the …

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Yemen graveyard for Iran’s scheme

THE war in Yemen is not only aimed at militarily abolishing Iran’s expansionism scheme by some Yemeni factions, but it is also intended at rebuilding the state and military forces after the “coup” crippled Yemeni institutions particularly the military and security authorities. This war is definitely aimed at restoring life …

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King Salman tour strategic initiative

AT a time when the world is witnessing vast economic and political changes, the Asian tour of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman Abdulaziz represents vivification of the relations between Saudi Arabia and the seven Asian countries that he will be visiting. This tour is focused on …

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O MPs, your bazaars will not solve the citizenship problem

SOME MPs have made the issue of the revocation of citizenship from violators of law as their main priority, with the elections and media image in their minds. They have invested everything in order to horrifically take advantage of people’s situations in an unprecedented manner. They have been flexing their …

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So Lebanese President does not reiterate Nasrallah’s arguments

THERE has never been a time when the president of any country gave precedence to the interest of a terrorist militia over his country’s interests. Even in countries with oneparty ruling system, the leaders would not dare to extol the militia at the expense of the national army, especially if …

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This is our Gulf

THE Arabian Gulf, with its people and its leaders, intuitively manifest union of statehood beyond the concept of nationality, which has been based on brotherhood, dating back to hundreds of years, from the north bank of the Arabian Peninsula to the Hormuz Strait. Therefore, when the United Arab Emirates (UAE) …

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