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Tuesday , November 20 2018

Ahmed Al Jarallah

Muhammad the VI, King of Stability

WHEN international institutions advise African nations to take a cue from the Moroccan experience in the fields of economic and industrial diversification, it requires deep thought because a country regarded as developing was able to take a giant stride within a decade. The achievement was made possible due to the …

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Qatar … your true friend is the sincere one

THERE are times when some people inflate their nationalistic ego to the point of seeing their country, despite its actual size, population and capabilities, as a major country. This was the prevailing norm in Kuwait prior to Aug 1990. Back then, we used to consider our country as a major …

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Egypt strikes ‘terror nests’

EVERYONE in the Arab world knows the real objective behind the massacre carried out by terrorists against the Egyptian Copts. It was aimed at expelling Christians from Egypt, either through intimidation and threat, or by pushing the country into religious sedition and eventually plunging it into a civil war. This …

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Qatar it’s time for the ‘truth’

MISTAKEN is the one who portrays the relations between Qatar and other Gulf states to be based only on political and economic interests. The truth is these relations are primarily based on kinship, alliance and mutual destiny. In fact, this is the case with every Gulf nation. This is why …

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Thank you Trump

THE President of the United States of America Donald Trump, while addressing the Arab-Islamic-American Summit, expressed a balanced perspective and profound understanding of Islam. He affirmed, “The conflict with terrorists who worship death and not Allah is not a conflict between religions, but the conflict between good and evil”. President …

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Trump … welcome to the country of determination and hope

WELCOME, the United States of America! Welcome, the US President Donald Trump to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia — the gate to this region and the Arab and Islamic worlds. With the new American president’s first overseas trip starting with Saudi Arabia, there are many issues that we ought to …

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Jaber Al-Mubarak as never seen before

IT was a successful timely step taken by His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak to expound, in a long televised interview, the problems facing the country and the means that can guarantee their solutions. The people of Kuwait are in dire need for such explanations from the top …

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Suicidal revolutions of Arabs

“REVOLUTION to the last cent”, “Soul and destruction of the last house” – these words could sum up today’s situation in the Arab world following the complete destruction of countries that fell in the trap of the so-called “Arab Spring” when political forces were taken over by zeal that led …

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How Saudi changed US policy traditions

HERE is Saudi Arabia, a country with strategic roles! Through it, paths towards the future unite. Through its pragmatism and use of facts, it calmly sets up policies, not through slogans or emotions, which are the bases for policies in majority of Arab nations. That is why May 24 will …

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With El-Sisi we crossed dark seas

WE SAY welcome to Egyptian President Abdelfattah el-Sisi who is currently our august visitor, not only in Kuwait but the entire GCC countries. These countries shared the experience of crossing dark seas during the significant, historic and difficult era when the monsters of extremism and expansion tried hard to drown …

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