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Friday , November 16 2018

Ahmed Al Jarallah

Yemen graveyard of Persian scheme

THREE years have passed since the Houthi uprising led to civil war in Yemen and opened the doors far and wide to extremist terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda and ‘DAESH’ and brought Iran close to the southern gate of the Arabian Peninsula. Needless to say, these militias were unable to …

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Qatar … pages have dried and pens have been lifted

IT is during difficult times that a friend is distinguished from an enemy. For the past 20 years or more, the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and some Arab countries have been maintaining silence over their agony concerning the frivoling politics of Qatar. Yet, they always opted …

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Muhammad VI … Gulf cohesion

THE quick move made by the King of Morocco, Mohammad VI, in an effort to mend the dispute between Qatar and three GCC countries — Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain — received positive echo from the leaders and people of the “Gulf council” The move represents a clear …

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Qatar … ‘for you cannot cut through the earth nor reach the mountains in height’

DOES the Qatari administration think that the misrepresentation and bluffs of its mouthpieces, or the fake tears over a Saudi infant who was barred from accompanying his Qatari mother to visit his father who lives 100 kilometers away, or another from Bahrain or the United Arab Emirates, will change the …

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Iran eating own poison

THROUGHOUT the past 38 years, Iran’s regime has been cooking the terrorism poison and planting it on the plates of various countries, starting with its neighbors and then going on to the furthest corners of the world. Every time, the name of the poisoned Iranian meal varies — sometimes it …

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O Qatar … stubbornness does not pay

DESPITE all the past passive experiences with the State of Qatar and cessations of its relations with some GCC countries, they still greatly cared for Qatar. This is because Qatar, at the end of it all, is one of the GCC pillars, and the builders are not keen about weakening …

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Qatar … arrogance kills

“CURSED is arrogance, it kills the arrogant first”, this loosely translated Arabic proverb — for decades — applies to Qatari politics, and not only in its recent crisis that ended with Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Bahrain closing their borders and airspace, and severing diplomatic relations …

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In order for Qatar not to fall into the evil of its adventure

WHEN the United Arab Emirates (UAE) declared unity on Dec 2, 1971; Ra’as Al-Khaima remained outside the union. However, it decided to join the newborn country seven months later due to feelings of loneliness and isolation. Today, after 46 years, we see the successful example of UAE that is considered …

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Muhammad the VI, King of Stability

WHEN international institutions advise African nations to take a cue from the Moroccan experience in the fields of economic and industrial diversification, it requires deep thought because a country regarded as developing was able to take a giant stride within a decade. The achievement was made possible due to the …

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Qatar … your true friend is the sincere one

THERE are times when some people inflate their nationalistic ego to the point of seeing their country, despite its actual size, population and capabilities, as a major country. This was the prevailing norm in Kuwait prior to Aug 1990. Back then, we used to consider our country as a major …

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