Wednesday , September 19 2018

Ahmed Al Jarallah

Iran ‘Nobel’ for pretence

THE Arab adage, “They satisfied us with beating, so we satisfied them with swearing,” applies to the Iranian policy. At a time when Tehran is begging for lifting of sanctions to silence the voices of 56 percent of its population living below the poverty line because of Tehran’s terror operations …

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Don’t let demons mess with ‘the Gulf’

SINCE its inception in 1981, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has proven to be the most able Arab institution in terms of facing challenges; whether from outside when it encounters, and continues to encounter, attempts to weaken and divert it away from its course, or internally through the pessimist opinions …

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Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, we present to you your shortcomings

“I ALWAYS reiterate these words: May Allah show mercy on the one who shows me my shortcomings. If you see or if my fellow citizens see, and they are currently listening to me, anything that is in the interest of your religion before anything else, and your country, the country …

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‘Hajjaj’ in every secession project

IF THE 20th century is considered the era of Arab disappointments, starting with the ‘Sykes-Picot’ Agreement followed by the ‘Balfour Declaration’; then the 21st century is without a doubt the era of secession and separation of countries. This is true not only in the Arab world, but the entire globe …

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Riyadh sheds worn-out tradition … dons robe of future

COUNTRIES like Japan, South Korea, China, Singapore, Finland and others which have no natural resources would not have developed and progressed if they did not utilize their human resources in all aspects by leaving behind traditions and norms that constrained their societies and have authority exceeding religion. In fact in …

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Kurd divorce, partition result of disappointment

THE Kurds have shown the world the reality of their independent country that will have huge repercussions on the region, and perhaps lead to geographical changes in Turkey, Iran and Syria as well as Iraq, which seems to be the first country to suffer from losses in this aspect. Even …

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House of Saud a fortress … no mourning for the owls and crows

EIGHTY SEVEN years of stability, strength and prosperity; the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has lived in the course of development. Storms have attempted to shake this fortress, but all efforts proved futile. This is because the stability of this mighty nation cannot be shaken, although some nocturnal individuals are conspiring …

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King Solomon, the bird and the fake pious beard

IT HAS been narrated that a thirsty bird spotted a water pool from above and there were children playing beside the pool. Despite its thirst, the bird was afraid to go to the pool to quench its thirst for fear that the children might hurt it out of curiosity. The …

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Long gone the wind of ‘rebellious ones’

SINCE the start of the Arab autumn movement, renegades have been attempting to wreck the stability of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. They advocate all kinds of lies which get disqualified by reality on a daily basis. Nonetheless, they continue with their wickedness unaware of the fact that the land …

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Close the Brotherhood kiosks and chop off the snakes’ head

IRRESPECTIVE of the excuses and considerations, it is no longer acceptable for Gulf states to remain silent over the ‘Muslim Brotherhood Group’ and the factions and movements which emerged from it; considering the high price that Arabian Gulf countries have been paying for almost four decades at different levels due …

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