Thursday , September 20 2018

Ahmed Al Jarallah

Arab no to Judaize Palestine

DESPITE 70 years of Arab–Israeli conflict, Arabs continue to fail in terms of learning from the past. Instead of grasping and employing opportunities for their case, they resort to shooting their feet. Based on that, the Palestinian authority refuses to receive Vice-President of the United States of America Mike Pence …

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Open government

FOR the first time since a quarter of century ago, Kuwait has acquired for itself a Cabinet formation which is free from partisanship. As it appears in the nature of ministerial portfolio distribution, the new Cabinet team is cohesive — something that has been missing in the country over the …

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Jerusalem … from Hitler to Trump, between them, women’s fashion and guns

HAS Jerusalem become Israel’s capital for eternity after the recognition of the United States of America’s President Donald Trump and the US decision to relocate its embassy there? The answer can be borrowed from history — what Adolf Hitler did in 1940 when his troops took over Paris. At the …

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Saleh spoke his word and left

ALI ABDULLAH SALEH spent his small part in political life on the sharp edges of flimsy alliances, taking his chances without giving any attention to risks that come with such kind of political work. Nonetheless, perhaps his fate was not to exit from the political scene before exposing the Houthis …

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Sabah’s summit of Cooperation Council

COUNTRIES in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) have schedules which cannot be delayed under any circumstances; hence, the 38th Gulf Cooperation Council Summit is being held in Kuwait with all of its six leaders in attendance. The summit eliminates the anxiety and fear which prevailed in the region throughout the …

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Yemen stands up to agents of Iran

MISTAKEN is anyone who thought that the coup coalition in Yemen will continue indefinitely or the Houthi side gained trust. Hence, what transpired in Sanaa and their expulsion from it was expected. In fact, it is a natural move for Yemenis to uproot this group for bringing corruption and havoc …

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Welcome to dignified Lebanon

IT IS not surprising that Iran meddles in the internal affairs of Lebanon easily since all nooks and crannies of the country are blurred, while their ears are blocked. They listen to all whispers coming out of every Arab nation or monitor every minor thing to prove their obedience to …

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Heil Hitler Mullahs

SINCE 1979, the Mullah regime has been living under pressure of ‘power illusion’ which toppled the Shah through the populace revolution. This pressure is clear in the interpretation of Al-Khomeini’s first slogan, ‘Exportation of the Revolution’, assuming that what happened in Iran can be transported to other countries. Al-Khomeini’s war …

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Muhammad bin Salman sides with his people against corruption

WHEN Lee Kuan Yew became Singapore’s first Prime Minister after the independence in 1959, his first statement was, “I have been deeply thinking about being one of the corrupt individuals and let the situation remain as it is in terms of corruption, crimes, bribes, backwardness and poverty; or I should …

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Beware end of Saudi patience

MANY observers look at the movements of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as slow and does not match the magnitude of the incident; hence, they are surprised by any measure that the Saudi leadership takes on issues concerning local or foreign affairs. Those who know the nature of the House …

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