Monday , December 18 2017

Ahmed Al Jarallah

President Trump readjusts compass in US

PRESIDENT of the United States of America Donald Trump has readjusted the compass, turning it towards the actual manufacturer of terrorism — the Iranian regime. After eight years of the presidential tenure of his predecessor Barack Obama, who had adopted the style of stalling, giving opportunities to terrorism and abandoning …

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Blackmail MPs and ‘jittery’ government

ARE we cursed with political mediocrity and blackmail game? It seems so! The players of this game are insensitive to the local or regional economic and financial situation, the constant direct threats issued by terrorist groups and the agenda of the remapping of countries. It appears as though every time …

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A tent in Syria or castle of humiliation in Europe?!!

BRINGING an end to the displacement of Syrians is inevitable. All Syrians need to understand this reality, especially after the President of the United States of America Donald Trump took the decision to ban refugees and citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the USA. This ban was followed by …

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The African … Muhammad VI

THE speech delivered by the King of Morocco Muhammad VI at the African Union (AU) Summit is considered as a historic document. In fact, it is the future roadmap of the African continent, as it contained facts which reminded the 56 member countries to arise from the errors of the …

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‘Final chance’ for GCC, Iran

KUWAIT, representing the member states of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), has given Iran a real test of intentions through discussions, the outcome of which we wish will be good neighborly relations between the two banks of the Arabian Gulf. We hope it will not be a case of buying time, …

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Still life in ‘Astana’

FOR the past 30 years since the issuance of the UN Resolution No. 194, which ruled on the division of Palestine into two countries – Jewish and Arab, Arabs have been rejecting every peace initiative with Israel. Due to this, Arabs, instead of liberating the land which was occupied by …

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Sovereignty is culture not slogans

IT IS a deep-rooted perception in most Arab nations where revolutions and coups have occurred that the chief enjoys all sorts of luxury, living in palaces taken from legitimate owners. The chief asks people to be patient day and night in facing the crisis. They must stand together in confronting …

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‘Brotherhood’ and Mulla’s patron exits the White House

On Friday, Jan 20, President of the United States of America Barack Obama will exit the White House, leaving behind his country’s miserable legacy in the Middle East. Despite his policies throughout his eight-year term in the office and even though the stakes on the new US administration are not …

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Syria antidote in Astana

THERE is a glimpse of hope in the possibility of Syria exiting from the whirlpool of killings, destruction and displacement, due to the talks that are currently ongoing in the Kazakh capital, Astana. If these talks are managed in a proper manner, and if every concerned party tones down the …

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