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Wednesday , November 14 2018

Ahmed Al Jarallah

O Your Highness, corruption now a culture

THE decline in Kuwait’s ranking in the Corruption Perceptions Index appeared as a surprising scandal that no one knew about. Ironically, it seems that officials in the country were unaware of the issue which, in reality, has been the topic on the streets for years; in fact, for decades. It …

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End of Persian-Zionist axis of evil

WHATEVER Iran took with its right hand from the nuclear deal will be paid by its left hand with the ballistic missile program. This is what the Mullah regime failed to realize when it assumed that the deal with the six major nations was a divine and historic victory, and …

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No escape for Persian turbaned Hitler from fate of history

IRAN is getting closer to the edge of a precipice due to the policies of its adventurous regime which rendered it an outcast internationally. Iranians are suffering from two bitter issues — their livelihood or even their dealings and movements with the rest of the world. Hence, events in international …

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Tehran ‘folly’ has no healer

IT IS certain that the Mullah regime is dominated by folly as it does not learn from past experiences. The regime continues to follow the same path — preoccupying its people away from their internal miseries by fabricating external crises. The regime fascinates its people with its regional expansionist scheme …

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Oh Arabs, Israel’s death is in making peace with it

DURING the visit of former president of Egypt Anwar Sadat to Tel-Aviv (Israel), an Israeli journalist met him at the hotel where he was staying and asked him: “What do you want from this visit?” President Sadat responded, “Look through the window to that battle tank where the soldiers guarding …

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Suspend it and then execute the Kuwait Vision

STRANGE is the case of our Parliament members. Every time the government — any government — intends to reform the economic and financial situation of the country, it faces threats and interpellations. MPs easily brandish challenge swords; whereas constitutionally, the two authorities — executive and legislative — are supposed to …

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Returning Baghdad to ‘blessed garden’

WHENEVER we talk about Baghdad, it is natural to remember what history has preserved about it by comparing between the city of civilization and knowledge in the old world, and the city which is enveloped with fear and terror from bombs and control of armed militias planted by Iran who …

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Bahrain irreconcilable over Iranian terrorism

THE story of Persian greed in Bahrain is not new and it is not linked to a certain regime. Since the independence of the Kingdom of Bahrain in 1971, the Shah of Iran made this Arab country the main target through various means, but he failed even in infiltrating the …

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Nawaf Al-Ahmad … man of excellence and trust

FEBRUARY in Kuwait is the month for celebrating events which changed the history of this country — the day Kuwait gained its independence, the day it was liberated and a new dawn of patriotism emerged to cement its identity principles. Despite the hurdles which the country encountered from time to …

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Bloody wrath knocks on Tehran’s tyrannical doors

THE populace uprising in Iran which started early this year against the Mullah regime is just the beginning of a rapidly intensifying uprising due to corruption that exceeded expectations, even the one which prevailed when the Shah era ended through a coup. Addressing officials and officers of the military forces …

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