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Tuesday , November 20 2018

Ahmed Al Jarallah

Oh Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, eliminate blood traders

WHENEVER we talk about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we do so with the conviction that the pride of this great country is our pride, whatever harms it harms us too, and whatever benefits it benefits us as well. For that reason, we refer to your words, “Blessed is who …

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The corrupt fighting corruption with slogans … how sad!!

IT IS only in Kuwait where the corrupt are bragging about fighting against corruption and the squanderers take up the role of protecting public funds. While stealing, they scream at the top of their voices to announce that they protect public welfare and the portion of the national wealth allocated …

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Oh Health Ministry, go and treat the disease

THE one who is afraid of the truth hurries to unwittingly deny the content of his words, ending up with indirect acknowledgement of the same truth; hence, if some of what gets published is untrue, denying it is not the truth. This is due to the fact that it is …

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50 sashes of challenge donned with blood … and ‘Al-Seyassah’ continues

WE always start our day by promising that tomorrow is another day of another challenge, and only another challenge preoccupies us. It has been like that for the past 50 years of the ‘Al-Seyassah’ course of challenges and consistency of its principles. We want it to be the image of …

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Muhammad bin Salman … shocking but positive

THE statement made by Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Muhammad bin Salman during his visit to the United States of America on where he stands can be considered a positive shock which the Arabs need to wake up from the euphoria of slogans and reaction politics which only led to …

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Khalifa bin Salman the fence of Bahrain

IT IS not strange for Bahrain’s Prime Minister His Highness Prince Khalifa bin Salman to open his doors for citizens to listen and talk to them directly in a comfortable manner, especially on issues concerning security and the political situation. Prince Khalifa always affirms the veracity of the position which …

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Mohammed bin Salman puts his finger on Syria’s wound

IN HIS recent interview with the Time Magazine, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said: “America’s presence in Syria is the only way to stop the Iranian influence from expanding in the region, and Bashar Assad is staying with the hope that he will not become a ‘puppet’ for Iran.” …

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Gulf diplomatic visit terrifies Hezb, returns dwarves to their burrows

LEBANON is waiting for May 6, 2018 — the day of a serious exam for political powers which have dominated Lebanese decision for 25 years. The election will be a real challenge for Hezbollah as this will put every party to its actual dimension. Hence, when Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah …

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Who meets pragmatism of Abdullah II?

RECENTLY, King Abdullah II of Jordan talked about the importance of breaking the peace process deadlock between Palestine and Israel to reach a fair and permanent peace settlement based on the two countries’ solution during his meeting with the president of Panama. “This settlement leads to establishment of an independent …

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Houthi ballistics will not rescue Iran’s peacocks

THE Mullah regime diverted the attention of its people from miserable internal conditions when Khomeini’s coup against Shah succeeded in 1979, in addition to physical extermination among supporters of the new regime and their opponents. This was done by launching terrorist cells in Iraq and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) …

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