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Friday , September 17 2021


Your Highness the Prime Minister, yes to amending the Public-Private Partnership law, get rid of all is well as long as you are on our good side

FOR how long will this empty vicious circle of not relying on a serious plan of action continue? Will selectivity pull Kuwait out of its …

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‘Fatal handling of education’

My friend, former ambassador, says that Mr. Youssef Abdel Moati taught him the Arabic language in Salah El-Din Intermediate School in the late 1950s, and …

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Your backward thoughts caused me sadness in Paris!

I WAS part of the first scholarship students sent to France after finishing high school.  We were 14 students from the elites among the Kuwaiti …

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Nasser, logic, irrefutable facts?

I was sorry and felt greatly surprised when I went through the following tweets, which were previously posted by one of the activists of the …

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Your Highness … this is how the budget deficit is covered

TO begin with, we hope that His Highness the Prime Minister will have the time and patience to contemplate these lines, and not pay attention …

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‘No accountability in years’

There is no sane person who doubts that public education has been suffering for a long time and the situation has worsened further with the …

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Mohammed VI … government of prosperity

THE only reason for the Muslim Brotherhood Group’s structure to collapse so quickly is not the conspiracy against it as claimed by its followers, but …

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Give us money … no actuarial

Some parties with all their respect and weight, and others less than that, demanded the Public Institution for Social Security (PIFFS) to give a share …

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Authoritarian evil mentality expelled Iraqi Einstein, flooded the ‘reading nation’ with ignorance, illiteracy and sorcery

A WHILE ago, I came across a story of the world renowned physicist Albert Einstein. The story dates back to 1922 when Einstein was invited …

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Academy & disputed figure

On the front page of a local newspaper last Thursday, a piece of news, was perhaps the type of “feeling the pulse,” on the intent …

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