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Thursday , November 15 2018

Legal Clinic

Residence link with Passport

I have a query about my son who is on a dependent visa. His passport validity is until the end of June 2016. He is currently having a visa validity until August, 2016. I am planning to renew his passport in April or June 2016 before its expiry and then …

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Transfer from Govt. project

I joined my current company in April 2010 on a project visa. I hold a university degree and have now completed more than 5 years with this firm. My question is can I get a transfer? Does the new law apply equally to those who have completed more than 5 …

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Termination without reason

I would like to share my case for which I need your valuable opinion. I have just been terminated and given an official discontinuation of services letter with a notice period of 3 months. Will I be entitled to a termination fee? … besides the indemnity, because my employer terminated …

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Duplicate birth certificate

I have a very simple request but I need the answer quickly and would be very grateful if you could oblige me with the same. Could you please let me know how to get a duplicate birth certificate from Kuwait as I would like to complete a number of procedures …

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Transfer from hospital

I shall be very much obliged if you would kindly give me the necessary information to clear my doubts: My daughter has been working in a private hospital in Kuwait as a physiotherapist from Nov. 01, 2013 on the following conditions mentioned in the employment contract signed on Aug 13, …

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Payment for notice period

I joined my previous company on Aug 1, 2011. The salary mentioned in the offer letter was KD 750 as a complete amount, with an annual leave of 30 days and a probation period of 100 days. The company stamped my residence on Jan 1, 2012 and to my surprise …

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Monetary issues

I am a regular reader of the Arab Times Legal Clinic and want to thank the paper for the valuable clarifications. I have the following two questions: 1. We are working for a security company. As per our contract, we have to perform 48 hours duty in a week (208 …

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Visit visas

This week we received a number of questions on the issuance of visit visas after a new law in this regard was passed. The following are the questions but we will give one answer for all of them as these are related: 1: I last week got a visit visa …

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Mourning Leave

I am working in the HR Department of a company. Please let me have the clarification for Article 77 of Kuwait Labor Law so that we can follow it as a procedure in our company. We are asking this for the following reason: One of our employees is on annual …

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Legally fight against Rent Increase

I am planning to contest the rent increase initiated by my landlord as it has not been 5 years since the last increase and secondly I feel that the increase of approximately 35% is too steep for my liking – I need to know the following: Do I have the …

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