Friday , September 21 2018

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I came to Kuwait in March 2013 on a family visit visa and then in the month of April I got a job in a travel company and the company promised to transfer my visa to an Article 18 residence (work permit). So I had to work for this company …

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Rude taxi driver

I am an expatriate in Kuwait and have been here for almost 9 years. Most of the time when I am going somewhere I ride a taxi to safely reach my destination, especially when I am going to work. I am staying in Salmiya and my job site is in …

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‘Daughter kidnapped’

I lived in Kuwait for eight years and left the country last year in July. My wife and daughter lived with me but when I returned to Pakistan in July 2014 my family came with me then my wife left for Kuwait with my daughter without informing me. I am …

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Release for Article 18 visa

I have been working as a physiotherapist in a home care center since 17- 07-2012. From 17-07-2012 to 09-11-2014 I was on an Article 20 visa for domestics (2.4 years). From 11-11-2014 onwards my visa was changed to an Article 18 visa — work permit (6 months). I am also …

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Govt project… release

I’m a Filipino hired from abroad and have a university degree in business management. I have been working in a private sector company for exactly 3 years now (since 2012, April) on a salary of KD 250. I was able to sponsor my daughters and put them in school in …

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Calculation of Indemnity and leave salary

Kindly calculate my indemnity and leave salary. Joining date 01-05-2006 Resign from 01-06-2015 Salary basic KD 225 per month Allowance KD 15 per month Every year the company gives me commission and incentive This time the company paid KD 500 for the fiscal year ending June 2014. Leave: 1 month …

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Driver’s license for Mandoub

I have a query because a new law states that a company which has less than 25 workers cannot have a mandoub (company representative). So now if my mandoub changes his position to coordinator or receptionist or any other title, will he loose his driving license? Please note that he …

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Food Complaint To Kuwait Municipality

The reason I am contacting you is to find out if you can point me in the right direction. Recently I was having a meal at a restaurant in Salmiya, on Baghdad Street. After finishing my food I was disgusted to find a cockroach at the bottom. I tried to …

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Embassy problems

I am an Egyptian national and have been working at an Asian Embassy here in Kuwait for the last 15 years as a Secretary-Arabic Translator. I was locally recruited in Kuwait and hold a government residence permit (Article No. 17) under the sponsorship of the Embassy. I have decided to …

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Drive in Kuwait on Visit Visa with American driver’s license

I am a US citizen currently visiting my parents in Kuwait. I have come here on a visit visa. I have repeatedly inquired whether I can drive on my American driver’s license in Kuwait, to which I have been told that I am legally allowed to drive on the same …

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