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Monday , November 12 2018

Legal Clinic

Babys birth

May I get the advice/ answer to the following question. My cousin’s daughter is holding a valid residence (Article 22) permit until January 2017 which was stamped 3 years ago on her father’s sponsorship. Now she has got married and is expecting her first baby in May 2016 … and …

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Salary cap tied to renewal of Family residence

First of all, I would like to thank you for your free legal advice to many expatriates here in Kuwait. My inquiry is as follows: my new company can’t give me a new residence because my visa is a factory visa and cannot be transferred to a construction visa unless …

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Working age

Back in 01-2014 you sent me information about expatriates working until the age of 80 in Kuwait. I have attached the information you sent to me. I am being denied work for jobs from a USA Company, VECTRUS located in Kuwait. They are claiming that Kuwait law does not allow …

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Dependents medical insurance linking with residence

First of all thanks for the advice the Arab Times is providing the readers via legal clinic as it’s really helpful for us. I would like to ask one question regarding my daughter’s residency. I am working in private company and I have valid residency (Article 18) up to 30 …

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Transferring from Project Visa to Private Sector

I came to Kuwait in January 2014 on a project visa 18 (though the actual job is of a “private sector in nature” and not really a government project). Only a few months after my arrival, the contract for government project expired and my sponsor transferred me into another subsidiary …

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Expat Students staying over 6 months out of Kuwait need exemption permission

I am one of your readers of the Legal Clinic column as it offers a lot of help to us – expatriates. Kindly advise and let me know what are the requirements and procedures for my two daughters who are currently in the Philippines and cannot come back to Kuwait …

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Shepherd visa transfer

Firstly, I would like to congratulate you for your endeavor in providing us expatriates an opportunity to discuss and get solutions to our legal problems. My question to you is as follows: I want to know whether, according to the New Unified Contract Law, it is possible to transfer a …

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Dependent Residence Passport linking

I have the following query: My daughter’s passport expires in April 2016 whereas her Iqama (residence) expires in August 2017. I am the sponsor and my Iqama expires in June 2016. If I get a new passport for my daughter, will her Iqama be transferred to the new passport as …

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‘Unwelcome’ law in Kuwait

Why is it that expats have to pay the price for the actions of bad sponsors? Why is my perception changing from feeling welcome 10 years ago to now feeling very unwelcome in Kuwait. For 7 years I worked in Saudi Arabia, putting up with having to seek permission, and …

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Special contract

One of my friends, who had been working for another ministry before transferring to the private section some years ago, recently got an offer from the Ministry of Defense and he has signed a contract which says no end of service gratuity. He got his indemnity from the previous ministry …

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