Tuesday , September 25 2018

Legal Clinic

Management says ‘shops and establishment category are not entitled for Indemnity’

I worked in a company mainly dealing with imported foods from world over from June 2007 to April 2015 before I resigned from this firm. The company transferred a fixed amount as salary through the bank and paid the difference in the salary and allowances in cash during my tenure …

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Transfer project visa

I have come to Kuwait on a project visa, Article 18. I have been working in Kuwait for 2 years … my project is still functioning … but can I get a transfer to a private company ? I was trying to find out the right resources to get a …

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Annual leave – 30 days per year

I joined a company in 2012 and am currently working in the same company. In 2014, I had taken leave for 2 months — February and March — which was my eligible leave balance from 2012 and 2013. Now I am planning to go on vacation this November, and I …

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Leave Salary – Person terminated during probation

I am a regular reader of the Arab Times and the Legal Clinic is very useful for expatriates like me. I have a query related to leave salary if a person is terminated during probation. I was terminated during the third month of my probation period. I would like to …

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How to avail Birth Certificates for those born in Kuwait

Both of my children were born in Kuwait and I also got their birth certificates from here. Now I seem to have misplaced these documents and need them for my children’s admission to a local school. What is the procedure to get a duplicate birth certificate for a child born …

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Cheated by Agent

I am a trained teacher from Ghana with eleven years of teaching experience. I also have certificates in banking and cashiering. Just recently, I was told by an agent that I could get a teaching job in Kuwait. I didn’t know there were differences in the visa. When I arrived …

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Bank Loan

I am from India and have been working in Kuwait for the last 2 years. Currently I have a KD 5,000 loan from one of the local banks. The loan is already “10 months old”. I am getting the installments plus the interest deducted on a monthly basis from my …

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Rent Receipt

We have been living in our new apartment for a year. The rent is paid via bank transfers or through the KNET. Suddenly, our landlord has stopped issuing rent receipts to us for the past 3 months. Should we go to the rent court over the issue? Name withheld Answer: …

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5 years service – Indemnity calculation ( 11 months leave taken in 5 years)

I have been working in an engineering & construction company as a supervisor in Kuwait since July 15, 2011. My salary is 300+27 KD. Now I want to resign from my service after 15 July, 2016,after completion of five years with the firm. Can I get 5 years benefit? During …

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Indemnity in ministry

I am a regular reader of the Arab Times… could you please answer my queries on the following subject. I have been working with a ministry, in an office job, for the last 7 years on a second contract. If I resign by end of this year, how much will …

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