Tuesday , September 18 2018

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Vacation leave between mandatory 3 months notice period

My vacation has been approved for July. But I planned my resignation 1st June. Hence June/July/August notice period. Is there any issue for vacation during notice period? Name withheld Answer: Of course there will be a problem as your vacation will come in between the mandatory three-month notice period. Unless …

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Terminating contract with company after visa transfer

Can I cancel my visa transfer from a new company? They processed my transfer for one day They said that they have submitted my papers already and I told them that I don’t want to continue anymore because I have found better opportunity in another company. Now the company doesn’t …

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Project visa transfer – Company refusing to give release

I came to Kuwait in January 2013 on a project visa (5 year project). Now I have completed more than 4 years in this project. I am a bachelor degree holder. Now I am getting good offer in ministry of health as paramedical staff. My question is, can I get …

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Not eligible for NOC from KSE – Will I have problem in renewing my Driving License?

I hold a Diploma in Electrical Engineering passed in 1992 but always worked in IT field as support engineer. I came to Kuwait in 2001 with the designation ‘Computer Engineer’ (No one asked for degree at that time). Got a driving license in 2003 when my salary was KD 350 …

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Abuse of Labour law by local company

I am graduate and I have been in Kuwait since 2011 and it’s my second company. I was hired locally and completed 3 months in new company. They hired me for sales as a sales manager and after joining the new company they started giving me other assignments which are …

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Driving license issue – From Engineer to Supervisor designation

I have obtained driving license on the basis of Engineer profession and salary KD 550. If I well change my designation to supervisor, will it lead to the cancellation of driving license even though I meet the requirement of university degree, earning a salary above KD 600 and more than …

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Factory visa Engineer unable to transfer

My nationality is Indian. I arrived in Kuwait in October 2016 with a factory visa. I joined another company for work as a civil engineer, I have civil engineer degree, but my factory visa is not transferable as my new company checked and told me. My new company is ready …

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Medical test for new visa

I got my work visa for Kuwait. I have to go for medical test soon. I have ringworm on my left side. Will this make me unfit for the job? Name withheld Answer: To the best of our knowledge, ringworm is not one of the diseases one is tested for …

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Visit Visa – Sister sponsoring brother

I would like to bring my brother who is 20 years old to Kuwait for 10 days from India. I am his sister having Visa 18. I would like to know whether I can bring him and what the procedure is? Can I get a visa if the sworn affidavit …

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NOC issue from KES – Unable to transfer visa

I am Saheer, currently working in Kuwait as an instrumentation engineer. I resigned from my company and joined a new company on 10/12/2017. Almost 5 months are over; because of the NOC issue I could not transfer my residency to a new company. My old company is going to cancel …

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