Saturday , September 22 2018

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Absconding Case – Egyptian Mandoub trying to make money

Dear sir, kindly help me if possible. My company filed a “runaway case” against me some four years ago. I managed to negotiate with the company’s kafil (sponsor) and he agreed to withdraw the case. The sponsor has signed the necessary document and handed it over to the Mandoub (company …

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Difference between Tourist Visa and Visit Visa

Recently there were news that “visit visa which was free will now cost KD 30 and tourist visa which was also free will now cost KD 90”. I have following questions: (1) Last year I was in Kuwait and received the visa on arrival, and paid KD 3. If the …

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Driving license status for a Teacher to Housewife and back as Teacher

My wife started her career in Kuwait as a teacher in private school, while she was working in school she got the driving license. After working for few years due to some health issues, she left the job and became a housewife… after transferring her residence to a dependent one. …

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Giving Private Tuition

I am a housewife residing in Kuwait. I have read many news items that say “teachers who are caught giving tuitions are fined and deported “. I am a housewife. I am not working anywhere and I am only dependent on my husband’s visa. Can I give tuition to kids …

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Pregnancy & Termination

I am in the seventh month of my pregnancy and I have been missing office at least once a week because I am often sick, with a medical certificate to prove my inability to come to office. Now, the company says it cannot tolerate my being away from office and …

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18 years service maximum payment of Indemnity

Need your expert legal advice on how to proceed with the following matter. I have been in employment with my current company since 1982. The company, however, says that a total of only 18 years service will be calculated as far as indemnity is concerned. They have not taken into …

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Procedures for Transfer from Work Visa to Dependent Visa & Documents required

I’m sure you receive questions such as mine all the time but this time I need a clarification. My problem is that I’m having trouble tracking down a recent, reliable, understandable source for information. My wife and I welcomed our daughter to the world about a year ago. We’ve decided …

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Residence link with Passport

I have a query about my son who is on a dependent visa. His passport validity is until the end of June 2016. He is currently having a visa validity until August, 2016. I am planning to renew his passport in April or June 2016 before its expiry and then …

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Transfer from Govt. project

I joined my current company in April 2010 on a project visa. I hold a university degree and have now completed more than 5 years with this firm. My question is can I get a transfer? Does the new law apply equally to those who have completed more than 5 …

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Termination without reason

I would like to share my case for which I need your valuable opinion. I have just been terminated and given an official discontinuation of services letter with a notice period of 3 months. Will I be entitled to a termination fee? … besides the indemnity, because my employer terminated …

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