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Sunday , November 18 2018

Legal Clinic

Transfer of childs residence from Mother to Father

Thanks for accommodating my inquiry. You provide great assistance to a lot of expatriates in giving free legal advises. Our eldest child is on my sponsorship from the beginning in 2011. My husband was unable to get it under his sponsorship because of salary issue. During the re-stamping of the …

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Renewal of residence for dependents

My residence will expire on 15th December, 2016 while that of my wife will expire on July 16, 2016 … if I renew the residence now will they renew it for 1 year. The last time I renewed the residence I repeated my fingerprints with the Criminal Evidences Department but …

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Designation & Driving License

Thank you for your valuable advice in the Legal Clinic of the Arab Times. Today I need to ask a question about my driving license and that of my colleague. Both of us have joined a new company, we are on engineer visas with an engineering degree. I have a …

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Change in visa status from Project visa to Private company visa

In 2012, I entered Kuwait on a farm visa. Later I got a job in a private company and the farm visa was changed to a private company visa as “Labour supervisor”. After two years, I have now got another offer and have joined a three-year project. My current sponsor …

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Driving License validity after transfer to dependent from work visa

My parents are here in Kuwait … dad is retiring from his work in April, mom is a house wife and I am the only son and would like to transfer my dad’s residency to my sponsorship. In case I succeed to transfer his residence please advise whether my dad’s …

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Notice period/leave

I want to ask about an employee who has been working for a company for 4 years before his company terminates him on 31-10- 2015. So, his last working day was 31-01-2016. So can you please tell me whether this employee is also eligible for his vacation salary for the …

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Indemnity & Transfer

First of all I would like to thank the Arab Times for giving free legal advice to its readers. Secondly, I am grateful to the Legal Clinic for answering my earlier question. Now I am re-sending the same question with some changes / updates so that I can act on …

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Dogs in parks

I have a question about dogs. Is there a law in Kuwait that prohibits dogs in parks? In other words, can I walk my dog in a park? Name withheld Answer: While there is no law in Kuwait which forbids dog owners from taking their pets to parks, most green …

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Visit Visa for Aunt

I am from the Philippines and am planning to get a visit visa for my aunt, my mother’s sister but I don’t know what I should do in order to get this visit visa. Please note that I have only a KD 275 salary. I want to know if it …

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Dogs problems

I stay in Salmiya, near the garden where there are many Indians. In my building, there are about 4 flats which are home to about 6 dogs. Those dogs dirty the lift very often. Despite the fact we have requested the owners to keep the lifts clean, they take dogs …

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