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Wednesday , July 17 2019

Legal Clinic

Civil ID misused by someone – I am in hot soup

My brother, working in Kuwait, was robbed by a Kuwaiti man in police dress during residency checking in Mangaf area in 2013. The man also …

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No Salaries paid for last 3 months, Can you please advise me what I must do?

I am a specialized Indian dentist working in a private clinic in Kuwait since June 1st of this year. It has been three months since …

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Official Holidays falling in paid and unpaid leave

At the onset I wish to make clear that I don’t have any intention to twist the law to suit any purpose. My objective is …

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Notice period and Indemnity settlement

I have a problem regarding the 3-month notice period. I was terminated Aug 3 after which my company give me an option: first 1 month …

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Company will be terminating staff to downsize in Dec 2016 – Calculation of Indemnity

Whenever I have a doubt regarding residence etc. I have contacted you and I am thankful to your kind response. This time the issue is …

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Rights of Nurse working in Private Clinic – Salary not paid on time

I would like to ask about the rights of nurses working in Kuwait’s private clinics. I’ve been working in Kuwait for almost 9 months now …

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Indemnity is calculated on Basic Salary + All Allowances as per Kuwait Labor Law

Due to downsizing of our department, some of us have been issued termination letters with a 3 months’ notice period which ends in the 1st …

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Fear of loosing driving license as designation changed

My driving license will expire on 04-11-2016. I got the license a year ago and at that time my designation was engineer and the salary …

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Indemnity calculation for Individuals terminated before 3 years of service

Please help out on the calculation of my indemnity. I was terminated by my company on Aug 16, 2016 … my joining date in this …

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Husband on temporary visa (Article 14) – Want to renew dependent visa of wife

My husband and I are Pakistanis. My husband recently extended his residence for one month and I want to know whether he can renew my …

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