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Saturday , January 23 2021

Legal Clinic

Illegal to take any kind of job when on Dependent Visa

Kindly let me know whether professional with dependent visa is permitted to work in contracting or consultancy office? Name withheld Answer: Under the laws of …

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Unscrupulous Employer – Farm visa transfer

I came to Kuwait on April, 2014 on a farm (agriculture) visa. I am a masters degree holder in Marketing from United Kingdom. I came …

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Transfer from Article 14 (Temporary visa) to Article 18 (Pvt company visa)

Writing to inquire if I can transfer my residence from Article 14 to 18. Any possibilities of doing so, as some people told me it …

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Passport issue for a new born

I am a South African male married to a Filipino lady and we just had our second child in Kuwait. When applying for residency they …

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Revalidation of degree

Good Day! … Firstly, I would like to thank Arab Times legal time to provide such excellent service, by providing best solutions on any issue. …

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Coupling of salaries to sponsor dependent visa for child not allowed

Hi Ms Legal Clinic I have been one of your valued readers for almost one decade and we really appreciate your sincerity for the legal …

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Installing dashboard camera to record accidents

Thank you so much for your free legal advice in the arabtimesonline. com. It is helping many people understand the legal intricacies in living and …

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Paid sick leave during probation period

I want to check if the employee can avail a paid sick leave during his probation period of 100 days or this should be considered …

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Company is not willing to give release even after completing notice period

I have been working in a private company for the last 10 years. I am getting a good offer from another company and hence continuing …

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Driving License – Designation change from Engineer to Technician

Thank you for giving such an expert advice on Legal Issues. My issue is I took a Driving License in May 2014 as on Engineer. …

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