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Monday , November 19 2018

Legal Clinic

Transfer visa

From April 2007, I have been working in Kuwait for a private company. My residency is on an Article 18 project visa, that project has already been completed, but due to some problems my residence has not yet been transferred to any other project. Currently I am only a temporary …

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I joined my current employer on June 6, 2011. I got a termination notice from the company on 4th April 2016 with the notice period of 3 months (Last date of service as July 3, 2016) due to the contract expiry. Now the company is ready to release me at …

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School working hours

I work in a private school in Kuwait and my nationality is British. My school (employer) is increasing my workload. I would like to know the maximum amount of lessons that the Ministry of Education allows international teachers to deliver. I would also like to know the duration of lessons. …

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Annual Leave

We have a number of queries related to calculation of leave salary and leave entitlement of our company staff. We would also like to know how their leave salary is to be calculated as we have failed to find any law on some of the issues. We have a 5-day …

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Transfer from Commercial visit visa to Work Visa

I have been given a commercial visit visa by a company in Kuwait. Can it be transferred to work visa once I arrive in Kuwait. I am a graduate (degree attested) and have Microsoft certifications. Do I need to do a medical in India? Name withheld Answer: The rules on …

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Local transfer – Read contract before signing

First of all, I would like to appreciate your efforts of replying to all our questions with the most reliable answers. Please also guide me on what should be done next in the following scenario: I am an IT post-graduate and have been working in a private company since December …

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Indemnity – Working for International company

I am working for an international company in Kuwait for the last 5 years and before that I worked for 5 years for the same company in Saudi Arabia with no interruption of my employment contract except the geographical relocation. I did not receive the termination benefits when I left …

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Visit visa extension

Can I extend the family visit visa, currently valid for 1 month, for my mother. And if not, can I transfer her to a tourist visa — valid for 3 months — even though she has already entered Kuwait. Finally what are requirements that I need to fulfill to get …

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Transfer from Government Project Visa to Private Sector

Hi … is it possible now to transfer government project visas to the private sector? Name withheld Answer: We have answered a number of similar questions and in a lot of detail of the last few months. One of these answers is reprinted below for your information and that of …

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Driving License renewal – Accountant profession changed to Clerk

You have answered this question several times, but since the rules are changing frequently kindly clarify this issue for me and those who are like me. I got a driving license on 2-7- 2006 and this will expire on 2-7- 2016. When I got the license I was an accountant. …

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