Monday , September 24 2018

Legal Clinic

NOC for Pakistan visa

On the following link (which carries an article) you have mentioned that we can try to get an NOC from the Ministry of Interior in Sharq for Pakistani Visa (http://www.arabtimesonline. com/news/visit-visasfor- pakistani-nationals/) Can you please tell me the address of this office from where I can get the NOC? Name …

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New visa procedure

Firstly, we would like to say that as always you are doing a great service by explaining to us all the procedures and rules in Kuwait. I really appreciate your help in understanding the complex laws of Kuwait. My question to you: I am currently on a different visa and …

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Flat rent increased but amount on contract much higher

As an expat I appreciate your free legal advice column in the newspaper. Today I have the following question: My concern is about our flat rent. We’ve been staying in the same flat for almost 16 years now. Recently the administrator informed us that the rent will be increased from …

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Internet contract

I took a Net connection from one of the local companies. I signed the contract for 1 year & six months. When I took the Net connection the company took advance payment. Every month they took the payment in advance. But on 21st February my contract expired so I went …

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Haris asks for money

It is very difficult to understand the current situation in Kuwait as the house rents are going higher and higher. Here a person earning a salary of KD 500 needs to spend 50 percent of his earnings on rent. And everything else needs to be adjusted within the balance (this …

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Sending resignation while on Vacation

I have been working in Ministry of Health Kuwait for 15 years. As per the law if I resign today, I must continue my job for the next 3 months to clear all my dues. My question is that in case I am on my vacation outside Kuwait and if …

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Transfer of childs residence from Mother to Father

Thanks for accommodating my inquiry. You provide great assistance to a lot of expatriates in giving free legal advises. Our eldest child is on my sponsorship from the beginning in 2011. My husband was unable to get it under his sponsorship because of salary issue. During the re-stamping of the …

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Renewal of residence for dependents

My residence will expire on 15th December, 2016 while that of my wife will expire on July 16, 2016 … if I renew the residence now will they renew it for 1 year. The last time I renewed the residence I repeated my fingerprints with the Criminal Evidences Department but …

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Designation & Driving License

Thank you for your valuable advice in the Legal Clinic of the Arab Times. Today I need to ask a question about my driving license and that of my colleague. Both of us have joined a new company, we are on engineer visas with an engineering degree. I have a …

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Change in visa status from Project visa to Private company visa

In 2012, I entered Kuwait on a farm visa. Later I got a job in a private company and the farm visa was changed to a private company visa as “Labour supervisor”. After two years, I have now got another offer and have joined a three-year project. My current sponsor …

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