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Tuesday , November 20 2018

Legal Clinic

Hired locally terminated within a 1 year – Can I transfer residency?

I have a question about residency transfer. I am new here in Kuwait in a private company and because of reorganization, they terminated my service with a three months notice and told me to find job and they will give transfer. Is it possible even I did not reach 1 …

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Expired permit want to return back to Kuwait (Pakistani National)

I am a Pakistani national who has been in Kuwait since 2004 and staying with my family from 2013. I am working with a well reputed company and taking more than KD 1,650 salary per month. My wife is a housewife and we have 3 kids, (1 daughter age 6 …

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Wife sponsoring husband on dependent visa

Is it possible for a wife working in the private sector to sponsor her husband and get him a residency? Name withheld Answer: No, a wife cannot sponsor her husband on dependent visa. Indeed under the labour law it is only the man who can sponsor other members of his …

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Driving license acquired, coming back on new visa – Can I still use my same license?

I came to Kuwait under driver visa and got the license, now my visa will be cancelled because I am going back to my country and I will return after two months to another company on driving visa. So my question is do I need to retake the exam again …

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Salary below 450 KD, Should my wife deliver in Kuwait or in home country?

I am working in the private sector. My wife is on dependent visa and also pregnant. I have salary below KD 450. Is it possible to get visa to my new born baby, if I plan to place delivery in India? Is it necessary to place delivery in Kuwait to …

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Visit Visa stay validity in Kuwait

My husband has been working in Kuwait for the last 3 years and I wish to go there on visit visa. So how many months maximum can I stay there on visit visa? Name withheld Answer:The latest rules governing all types of visit visas say that beneficiaries have a maximum …

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Can I take Maternity leave and annual leave together?

At my company I am allowed to have 60 days of annual leave and 70 days of maternity leave. Since I am taking maternity leave this year, my company says that I can take only a total of 100 paid days for the whole year instead of 130 days. This …

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Driving Licence Issue: Engineer designation to change to Mandoub

I came to Kuwait in 2013 on driver visa and took 1 year licence in May 2013. In May 2014 I renewed my licence and got 10 year licence up to April 2024. In August 2014 I changed my designation to engineer and transferred my residency to new company. But …

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Company file closed, Iqama on article 14 (temporary iqama)

My company file is closed, I came to Kuwait six months ago on Article 18, my company didn’t put my iqama, but rather they have put only 3 months Article 14 temporary iqama, and out of lot of issue I got my passport and I am planning to move out …

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Clarification on Visit visa extension

I have read in Arab Times that visit visa in Kuwait cannot be extended after one month. Could you please give a clarification in this? 1. I took visa on July 5, 2018 and my family reached here on July 16, 2018 on visit visa. 2. How long they can …

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