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Thursday , November 15 2018

Legal Clinic

Indemnity calculation for less then 5 years – Resigned

I would like to ask about the legal calculation of my indemnity. I have been working for this company for the last three and a half years and I have already resigned. My last day of duty was April 31, 2016 and I joined the company on Dec 12, 2012. …

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Making Will – Wife a nominee

First of all I would like to thank you immensely for the pro bono service extended by you through the Legal Clinic. I have a question to which I would sincerely appreciate your response. I am an expatriate in Kuwait. I am employed and my family lives with me. I …

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Father on temporary residence, Can Child travel with mother for vacation?

An urgent question for the Legal Clinic. I have been working for a contracting company for the past 5 years and my residence is due to expire in some days. I have come to know that due to some internal problems the company is getting a temporary residence of 3 …

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Visa for Pakistani wife

I am an Indian and my wife is from Pakistan I want to bring her to Kuwait. After reading in the newspaper that I was required to get a “No Objection” (NOC) to procure a visa for a Pakistani I went to the Interior Ministry in Sharq but they sent …

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Residence for new born – Documents required and Procedure

I want to know about the new rule about residence for the new born babies. My husband doesn’t have a KD 250 salary. Will there be any problems in this case to getting residence for my baby. My salary is more than KD 250. If it possible to sponsor my …

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Resignation Refused

My friend has resigned but his boss has not accepted his resignation until now and the 3-month notification period will end soon. He joined this firm on a local transfer, can he join a new company and is an email conversation considered as a proof of submission of a person’s …

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Factory visa transfer

My residency is on an Article 18 factory visa (masna), but due to some problems my residence has not yet been transferred to any company. I got the news at that time (February 2016) that as per the current Labor Law factory visa can be transfer to factories only. And …

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Medical unfit

I firstly thank you for the clarifications that you have been providing to all the expatriates in Kuwait and appreciate the efforts put in by the newspaper. I am an Indian working as an engineer in a private firm on a KD 750 salary. My query: I got married around …

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Abused on Facebook

I would like to register a complaint against an expatriate living in Kuwait. This person harassed me by sending sexually abusive messages on my Facebook messenger. I received the messages from his end on May 26, 2016 at 6:20 UAE time. He went on abusing me by sending the messages, …

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Company planning to shut down or terminate employees – Residence transfer

I am an engineer working in Kuwait for the last 12 years. I recently changed my job — 2.5 months ago. The current company transferred my residency immediately after I joined with them. Now the company is planning to shut down the department or terminate employees. If so, is it …

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