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Monday , December 10 2018

Legal Clinic

Landlord problems – Villa rental

First of all I would like to appreciate your service as it helps a lot in understanding the Kuwait laws. Getting further, our house owner has been creating problems for us. We stay in a Kuwaiti villa, the owner lives in the lower portion of the house where we shifted …

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Visa for parents

I am in India and daily read the Legal Clinic column of your newspaper. I wish to get your advice on following problem, which you may or may not print it in newspaper. My son landed in Kuwait on 15/7/15 to work in the KOC as a drill engineer. From …

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Previous company involved in Visa Trading – Having problem to transfer

I am a Filipino who has been working in Kuwait for almost 10 years. Currently I am facing a difficulty in transferring my iqama to another company as my previous sponsor is involved in a visa trading. The Labor Office has blacklisted him and he is now an outlaw and …

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Mother sponsoring new born

I am an Indian married to a Portuguese citizen (European national). I am pregnant and due in October this year. My husband is a businessman and keeps visiting me in Kuwait time after time, he takes visa on arrival since he has no Kuwait residency. My question is that when …

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Service … restrictions

I had worked for a company for 12 years before I resigned (to get my indemnity) and they had rehired me locally. My contract says all conditions stay the same but I have to stay at least 1 year with the company. I will complete 1 year in November. My …

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Residency for son till 21 years

At the outset please accept my sincere good wishes and appreciation for the yeoman service being provided by you to needy and helpless persons. I need your kind guidance on the following matter: I am employed in a Govt of India firm and came to Kuwait in September 2015 on …

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Visa for New Born ( born outside Kuwait) and Residence

I am from India. My wife has valid visa (family visa, which I sponsored) which will expire in April next year. She is pregnant right now and we are planning to get the delivery done in India and come back here. What is the procedure to get a visa for …

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Visa expiring – Haven’t found new job during notice period

I would like to hear from you because I have resigned and my other fellow workers have been terminated for some reason at the site where we worked. We were all locally hired from this company and they gave us jobs for 8 months at a military base but our …

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Can’t transfer to the Private sector from Government project

In February 2010, I entered Kuwait on a farm visa. I completed 1 year on that visa. Later I got a job in a construction company which took a government project and I worked on it for 3.5 years. My work permit was transferred to that government project. My designation …

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Driving license cancelled when went for renewal

I have a question regarding my driving license renewal. I was issued a license on 03/06/2015 and at that time my profession was Accountant and salary KD 492. At the time of application I was told to get a no objection certificate from the Shuwaikh Traffic Department, which I did. …

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