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Monday , November 19 2018

Legal Clinic

Want to Transfer – Company files closed

I have been working as an engineer in a very big and reputed company in Kuwait since January 2004 (over 12 years 6 months) on a government visa. Our company has been passing through tremendous financial problem for the last few years. Due to this financial problem, I, mean almost …

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I am on temporary residence, can my wife (dependent visa) travel?

My residence expired on July 5, 2016 and my company has done only temporary residency for me for 3 months, saying they will renew my residency later. My question is that my wife has valid residency until Nov 11, 2016 and currently she is out of Kuwait. Is it possible …

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Procedure to bring your child to Kuwait

I am now in Kuwait and working in the country on Article 18 (work permit) visa. My wife is here with me as a dependent. I want to bring my child from India. My baby was born in India. So what is the procedure to bring my child to Kuwait. …

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Doctor wants to transfer different hospital before completing 3 yrs of service

Thanks for the highly valuable community service through your columns! Your contribution has been helping hundreds of people. This question is for a friend of mine. He is a qualified doctor, working for a private, established hospital. He has been working in Kuwait for the last 9 months, and was …

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Issues of getting release from previous employer and transfer to new company

Firstly I want to thank you for posting all your Legal Clinic answers online. As you can see, most questions are from expatriates who cannot always follow Arabic so your answers are very helpful to us. I completed 3 years and 3 months with my previous employer on Visa 18 …

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Accumulation of Annual leave

First of all thank you for all the good advice and assistance you give to us, it is really appreciated. I am also looking for some clarifications: The company that I work for has now advised us that if any colleague has more than 30 days (standard vacation leave) accumulated …

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Age Limit for Visit Visa

Thanks for all your responses. I have a query related to my father visa’s as he is born in 1947. Can we get a visit visa for a month for him as few days ago the Kuwait government passed an order not give visas to those who were born before …

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Transfer of baby’s visa visit visa to dependent visa

Please let me know whether I can convert the visit visa of my son (2-3 months old) into residency after he comes to Kuwait? If yes, is there any time limit to apply for residency after his arrival in Kuwait? Name withheld Answer: First of all, you won’t face any …

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Dependent visas of children

I want some information on dependent visas. My kids are holding valid dependent visas up to May 2017. Now they are in my native place. Unfortunately my company terminated me last week and my visa will expire next month. Due to this situation my company will cancel my visa. If …

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Worked for 9 yrs can I get release?

I am working in a private company since 2007. Now I am trying to get a release … is it possible or not? Please send me details on how to approach my company? Name withheld Answer: Well, you have already put in 9 years service so you should have no …

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