Saturday , March 24 2018

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Shepherd visa transfer

Firstly, I would like to congratulate you for your endeavor in providing us expatriates an opportunity to discuss and get solutions to our legal problems. My question to you is as follows: I want to know whether, according to the New Unified Contract Law, it is possible to transfer a …

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Dependent Residence Passport linking

I have the following query: My daughter’s passport expires in April 2016 whereas her Iqama (residence) expires in August 2017. I am the sponsor and my Iqama expires in June 2016. If I get a new passport for my daughter, will her Iqama be transferred to the new passport as …

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‘Unwelcome’ law in Kuwait

Why is it that expats have to pay the price for the actions of bad sponsors? Why is my perception changing from feeling welcome 10 years ago to now feeling very unwelcome in Kuwait. For 7 years I worked in Saudi Arabia, putting up with having to seek permission, and …

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Special contract

One of my friends, who had been working for another ministry before transferring to the private section some years ago, recently got an offer from the Ministry of Defense and he has signed a contract which says no end of service gratuity. He got his indemnity from the previous ministry …

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Calculation of annual Leave Salary

We seek your advice on the calculation of the annual leave salary. An employee gets a basic salary of KD 400 plus monthly allowances like housing and transportation i.e. KD 40 + 30 + 20 respectively. In this case the employee’s monthly remuneration works out to be KD 490. So, …

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Building caretaker tells cannot leave the apartment before one year

I rented a new apartment 3 months ago and signed a rental agreement. I stay in the apartment with my family. When I asked the building caretaker about the notice period, he indicated to me that a person has to give a one month notice… verbally. I signed the one …

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Landlord problems

I am living in Salmiya, Block 12. My building owner has sold the building to a new owner, a property rental company in Kuwait. They have started building two floors above my terrace. This has created a lot of nuisance for the tenants. My contract for the flat is valid …

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Indemnity case won but company shut down

I had filed a case against my employer which happens to be a private limited company for non-payment of indemnity, which was due to me when I resigned. By Allah’s grace and thanks to my lawyer’s efforts, I got the judgement in my favor wherein the company had to pay …

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Residence transfer from factory visa to project visa

I just want to inquire about my visa… I’m working with a new company now but the problem is this new company can’t transfer my visa to their sponsorship because (according to them) my current visa is a factory visa and it cannot be transferred to a project visa. Is …

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