Thursday , January 18 2018

Legal Clinic

Indemnity in ministry

I am a regular reader of the Arab Times… could you please answer my queries on the following subject. I have been working with a ministry, in an office job, for the last 7 years on a second contract. If I resign by end of this year, how much will …

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Annual & Sick Leave

I am working in the HR department of one of the private companies in Kuwait. One of our employees took one months annual leave and during his leave period he was sick for seven days and he bought the documents for the sick leave. As per the Labor Law, will …

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Traffic violation – Worried about travel ban

I tried checking whether I had a traffic violation through the e- Justice Ministry web portal and it showed that a Traffic Misdemeanor case had been registered against me on 01/06/2012. As far as I remember there was one accident that took place in or around that date but there …

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Car Impounded

My car was impounded last week in Mirqab in one of the intense traffic campaigns. All I did was stop by the roadside for a minute to drop off someone from my car. It took less than a minute and was about to take off when a police officer stopped …

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Wanted Release – But company has history of not giving release

I am a university graduate and have been working as an accountant in a private company in Kuwait since April, 2010. Now I am thinking of taking a release due to dissatisfaction with my current salary. But the problem is that I am afraid … if I approach my employer …

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Son sponsoring father

I have been an ardent reader of the Arab Times for the last 22 years, especially the Legal Clinic. I seek clarification for my below enquiry. I am 61 years old and will be soon retiring from my job. My eldest son is working here in a local bank and …

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Indemnity issue after rehiring back

I have been working in a general trading company since June 2007. My superiors shifted me from one department to another in April 2010. I got information from my HR Department that I was terminated (on paper) in March 2010 and rehired in April 2010. They got my signature on …

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Visit Visa

I need to get a visit visa for my sister-in-law’s daughter and her husband for 10 days … please tell me if it possible or not and how much will it cost? Secondly, are tourism visas available in Kuwait? Name withheld Answer: Nowadays, the Immigration Department is very strict in …

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Rent increase

I have been staying in an old apartment in Salmiya for the last 20 years. Every 5 years, I have been renewing my contract with an increase of KD 20 in the rent. The last increase was from KD 120 to 140. I am due for renewal early next year …

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