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Monday , January 27 2020

Legal Clinic

Farm Visa Transfer

My brother has farm visa, is it possible to transfer to company visa?? Name withheld Answer: Yes, it is possible only to a company owned …

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Rights to information on schools in Kuwait

I was reading your reply in Arab Times news paper dated Monday July 17, 2017 to one person claiming that the Indian School is charging …

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Driving license for diploma holder

I have an inquiry regarding driving licence. My current salary is KD 600 and my designation is salesman. I hold a technical diploma from a …

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Visit visa extension

I am from India. My wife is here on a 3-month visit visa. She has already spent 2 months with one month remaining. I want …

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Better jobs available – Can I get release

I have completed 1.5 years in the company. I am working on “18” visa. I have found a job and planning to change, can the …

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Replacement not found after giving 3 months notice – Does employer still have rights to hold me?

I have this situation. I am working alone in a retail shop for almost 3 years and this is my second employer already. I am …

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Contract signed for 2 yrs – Can I get release after 2 yrs

I’m currently working for an exchange company in Kuwait. I have signed a 2 year contract with them I’m at point of almost completing my …

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Terminated before 3 yrs of service – Can I transfer

Before, I was working in another company with non-transferable visa. Now my current company provided me a new visa (transferable) and I was hired abroad …

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Transfer of Factory visa to other company of same sponsor

I have been working in Kuwait for a well reputed construction Company. I had a good opportunity to join a contracting company but when my …

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Company has not given probation letter – Can I get release from company

I came to Kuwait on Government Project visa and completed 9 months. Until now I didn’t receive my probation confirmation letter and also even I …

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