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Wednesday , November 21 2018

Legal Clinic

Company will be terminating staff to downsize in Dec 2016 – Calculation of Indemnity

Whenever I have a doubt regarding residence etc. I have contacted you and I am thankful to your kind response. This time the issue is as below. Joined my current company on July 1, 2009. Most probably the last day of the service will be Dec 31, 2016. It is …

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Rights of Nurse working in Private Clinic – Salary not paid on time

I would like to ask about the rights of nurses working in Kuwait’s private clinics. I’ve been working in Kuwait for almost 9 months now as a derma nurse in one of the private clinics in Maidan Hawally. I was hired in the Philippines by an agency in October 2015. …

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Indemnity is calculated on Basic Salary + All Allowances as per Kuwait Labor Law

Due to downsizing of our department, some of us have been issued termination letters with a 3 months’ notice period which ends in the 1st week of November 2016. I had joined the company in September 2012 and was made to sign a contract with the following term stating “Indemnity …

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Fear of loosing driving license as designation changed

My driving license will expire on 04-11-2016. I got the license a year ago and at that time my designation was engineer and the salary was KD 350. Now my designation will change to Technical Assistant and salary will be KD 500. I want to know if I can renew …

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Indemnity calculation for Individuals terminated before 3 years of service

Please help out on the calculation of my indemnity. I was terminated by my company on Aug 16, 2016 … my joining date in this company was Dec 17, 2013. What will be the total indemnity I will receive from my company … more over in my 2nd year with …

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Husband on temporary visa (Article 14) – Want to renew dependent visa of wife

My husband and I are Pakistanis. My husband recently extended his residence for one month and I want to know whether he can renew my residence/visa too. My visa is going to expire in October. So can I get my visa renewed or transferred if my husband has his visa …

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Visa to Kuwait for Pakistanis working in Middle east

I’m from Pakistan and working in Abu Dhabi (UAE), as an Admin Assistant/Medical Receptionist. I’m emailing you to get the information about Kuwait Visa. How can I go to Kuwait from Abu Dhabi (UAE). My family is in Kuwait. Name withheld Answer: Unfortunately, being a Pakistani, you will not be …

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Baby’s residence for Father working in Ministry earning less then 250 KD & Mother on Domestic visa

I would like to get some details on procedure for babies born in Kuwait … if the father is working in the Ministry of Social Affairs & Labor with shoun (work permit) residence but salary only KD 220. Can he get dependent residence for his newborn baby … the mother …

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Want to cancel the work contracts – Company not providing medical allowance

What is the procedure to cancel the work contracts in Kuwait. Our company is not providing medical allowance or transportation to the hospital if an employee suffers from personal health issues or any disease. Name withheld Answer: Your question is very ambiguous and as such we can’t give you an …

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Notice period counted as Service period

I have been working in a private company for about 10 years. I have now got a new job offer and decided to join the new company at the earliest possible. I have informed my new employer that I can join them only after my completion of 10 years of …

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