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Saturday , November 17 2018

Legal Clinic

Validity of stay for parents on visit visa

I had taken a visit visa for my parents on July 27 and it is shown in the visa as ‘Tourist Visa’ for three months stay from the date of entry. But later the government issued a new circular on Aug 5 that all visit visas will be for one …

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Age limit for boys on dependent visa

My elder son, will turn 18 years this Oct 18. He is presently studying in 12th standard. His visa will expire in Nov 18, 2018. Please advise the age limit for boys on dependent visa; whether I can still sponsor my son. Do I need to get a letter from …

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Driving licence – Change of designation from Inspection officer to Mechanical Engineer

I took Kuwait driving licence by changing UAE licence on 2015. My visa status was ‘mufathish’ (inspector) and basic salary KD 750. Basically I am a mechanical engineer and could get new job in other organizations with engineer visa. The offered basic is KD 700, so I would like know …

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Mother sponsoring dependent visa for a 2 yr old child

I am a female expat in Kuwait, I am working as a teacher. My salary will be KD 820. Will I able to get dependent visa for my 2 years old child? (I am not divorced, and my husband is not travelling with me.) Thank for your answer in advance. …

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Validity of visit visa for wife

I would like to know if visit visa for wife is available for three months or one month only. What are the charges for extension, if granted? Any idea? Appreciate your reply. Thanks. Answer: The latest rules governing all types of visit visas say they have one month validity without …

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Driving licence lost due to change in designation

I have been working as a mechanical engineer and hold a driving licence, which is valid up to December 2019. However, I changed my company recently and driving licence got cancelled due to designation changed as supervisor. My current salary is 750 which shows in work permit. I am available …

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Dependent visa for wife

I am working in Kuwait in a private sector in oil and gas construction and having a salary of KD 350 basic (KD 500 per month, 10 hours duty). Now I am planning to bring my wife with dependent visa, tell me is it possible with my current salary? Because …

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Hired locally terminated within a 1 year – Can I transfer residency?

I have a question about residency transfer. I am new here in Kuwait in a private company and because of reorganization, they terminated my service with a three months notice and told me to find job and they will give transfer. Is it possible even I did not reach 1 …

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Expired permit want to return back to Kuwait (Pakistani National)

I am a Pakistani national who has been in Kuwait since 2004 and staying with my family from 2013. I am working with a well reputed company and taking more than KD 1,650 salary per month. My wife is a housewife and we have 3 kids, (1 daughter age 6 …

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Wife sponsoring husband on dependent visa

Is it possible for a wife working in the private sector to sponsor her husband and get him a residency? Name withheld Answer: No, a wife cannot sponsor her husband on dependent visa. Indeed under the labour law it is only the man who can sponsor other members of his …

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