Thursday , November 23 2017

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Breach of contract by hospital management

I joined a private hospital on 13-7-2016 as staff nurse and successfully completed my probation period on 20-10-2016. I passed the MoH Licence exam on 12-10- 2016. From this date I am performing all the work and responsibilities of a Staff Nurse. My qualification is Diploma in General Nursing and …

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Transferring back to company visa from factory visa

I have one small question with regards to residency transfer. Just wanted to know my first employer was Co WLL and now I got transferred to factory visa (company to factory visa). Would it be possible for me to transfer back to Co WLL from factory visa (factory to company …

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Government project visa transfer

First of all, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Arab Times legal clinic wing for providing such a helpfull information. I am a B.Com graduate (certificated attested) and came to Kuwait on a government project visa to July 2006. I never transferred any company since I came …

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Sponsoring / stamping residence of new born

Is the new rule for having a visa for new born baby which requires the father to earn a minimum monthly salary of KD 450 already being implemented? My husband iznil amal salary is only KD 150, but his actual salary is KD 235. For me my iznil amal salary …

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Driving license for housewife

I have the designation “Engineer” with KD 600+ base salary and holding a driving license. Is it possible to apply for a driving license for my wife? She is under my sponsorship, she already stayed for two years in Kuwait and holds a university degree. We will be also having …

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How to do legal proceedings that doesnt cost much time and money

I am working for a major international company in Kuwait, which is undermining the signed contract and Kuwait labour law bit by bit and fraction by fraction. How can I make a legal proceeding that doesn’t cost me much time and money, so it could be worthwhile for me, please? …

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Visit visa for a niece

I am working in a government establishment in Kuwait and my family are Kuwait residents. My wife’s sister has recently passed away in India due to cancer leaving her 4-year-old daughter. Her husband is not willing to take care of the child as he got married to another woman. Now …

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Company says “To get indemnity have to work for 5 yrs”

After 4 years of work in Kuwait in a private company with 2 years contract (automatically renewed) I gave my 3 month notification to resign. When I asked the company for indemnity for 4 years the management answered that I am not entitled to receive indemnity because I have not …

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