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Wednesday , December 12 2018

Legal Clinic

Name ‘mismatch’

First of all I would like to thank you to this amazing “Legal Clinic” department for their services, which are very helpful to all of us … and I am a regular reader of the very popular “Arab Times” since 2004. I have a problem which has become very critical …

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Transfer & Release for local hire working in contracting company

I am working in a contracting company running governmental projects. I was recently hired for one project and unfortunately the current news is that this project has been cancelled. I was hired locally and the current company is my 3rd employer. I am a graduate degree holder with attested certificates. …

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Divorced mother wants to bring children to Kuwait

I am now living in Kuwait. My husband and I are divorced and I would like to bring my 2 children to Kuwait, ages 4 and 7. He has given me his consent. I am a teacher and my salary is KD 650 per month. Can I bring them in …

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Work permit problem

I would like to ask for help for my problem. I am joining a new company and I have submitted my current working permit but the company which I am joining requires the old working permit which was issued 7 years back. I went to the company where I worked …

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Renewal of driving license from “Driver” designation to new designation

I have driving license issued in 2003 when my position was that of a driver. The license will expire in January 2017. My current position is merchandizer. Can I renew my license without any issue? Name withheld Answer: No, unfortunately, you will not be able to renew your license because …

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Indemnity should be calculated by using the latest remuneration

Can you please let me how to calculate my service indemnity. ■ Salary – KD 450. ■ Car allowance – KD75. ■ Petrol – they give me a card twice a month (KD 15 each). ■ Having been working for more then 13 years. ■ We get a bonus every …

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Maternity leave for pregnant woman

I am working in a private clinic as a Staff Nurse. Regarding maternity leave our new supervisor says… only for the first pregnancy and delivery is the 68 days maternity leave applicable. For the second pregnancy and delivery only 30 days of maternity leave can be given as per the …

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Civil ID misused by someone – I am in hot soup

My brother, working in Kuwait, was robbed by a Kuwaiti man in police dress during residency checking in Mangaf area in 2013. The man also took the Civil ID. We lodged a complaint with the police at that time and got a new Civil ID issued. To our dismay, we …

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No Salaries paid for last 3 months, Can you please advise me what I must do?

I am a specialized Indian dentist working in a private clinic in Kuwait since June 1st of this year. It has been three months since I joined this clinic. I have not been paid a single month’s salary yet. Though I have been asking about this from my employer almost …

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Official Holidays falling in paid and unpaid leave

At the onset I wish to make clear that I don’t have any intention to twist the law to suit any purpose. My objective is just to understand the law so that I can claim my rights. The best source is the respected Arab Times on which we can rely …

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