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Thursday , January 23 2020

Legal Clinic

Transfer from visit visa to family visa for infants

I have been with my wife and daughter in Kuwait for the past 3 years. I would like to bring my son who is in …

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How to check which category is my visa

I am working in Kuwait, please help me on how to check whether my visa is factory visa or company visa. Name withheld Answer: The …

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School Holidays

I would like to take your advice on the school vacation schedules. There is an Indian school which gives very less summer holidays (2 months) …

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Project visa release

I would like to ask for your legal advice. I am currently working on a project visa. I will be completing my one-year contract this …

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Transfer of visa for separated woman from Family to Work

I am a Pakistani woman on a family visa in Kuwait but my husband and his family sent me back to Pakistan. Now, I want …

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Breach of contract by hospital management

I joined a private hospital on 13-7-2016 as staff nurse and successfully completed my probation period on 20-10-2016. I passed the MoH Licence exam on …

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Indemnity for terminated staff and utilization of leave during notice period

I need to understand the process of indemnity calculation, I joined the company on Nov 1, 2011. I had been terminated from the company, due …

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Transferring back to company visa from factory visa

I have one small question with regards to residency transfer. Just wanted to know my first employer was Co WLL and now I got transferred …

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Government project visa transfer

First of all, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Arab Times legal clinic wing for providing such a helpfull information. I am …

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Sponsoring / stamping residence of new born

Is the new rule for having a visa for new born baby which requires the father to earn a minimum monthly salary of KD 450 …

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