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I am on temporary residence – Is it legal to drive, will I face any issues?

On expiry of my residence (Article 18), the company has stamped a temporary residence of 3 months. I hold a driving licence which is valid up to 2019. Will I face any issue or will it be illegal to drive with my temporary residence in the present situation where the …

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Woman is entitled to the 70 days maternity leave

I just want to inquire about the policy of maternity leave…If a new employee (who joined the company 6 months ago only) gets pregnant, is she entitled to 70 days maternity leave? Name withheld Answer: The Kuwait Labor Law does not lay down any period, after joining a company, for …

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Indemnity Calculation after resigning

Thank you very much for all the helpful replies and I have been a regular reader of legal clinic. Now I have not able to clear my doubts on indemnity, and I need your helping in solving my problem. I’m working in a company, have completed 7 years, and have …

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Dependent visa for 3 yr old son

I am an Indian woman working in the Ministry of Health, Kuwait (Residence Article 17). My salary is KD 735 but currently my 3-year-old son is in my home country. My husband is also working in Kuwait (Residence Article 18) but his salary is less than KD 250. I want …

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Converting of Visit Visa to Dependent Visa

My wife’s dependent visa application has been rejected and I have been issued a visit visa for 3 months. The reason is the 1 month less validity of the Passport (it is valid for 23 months) and we approached passport office in India to renew the document but the office …

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Murder Case

This question is related to a murder case in which my mother was murdered by a Pakistani man in Kuwait in 2013. After investigation and with my help, CID officers arrested the murderer and the case went to a Kuwait court. I have received information that family members of the …

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Residence & passport for baby

I am an Indian and have done court marriage in Kuwait. My wife is expecting our baby anytime in October. My question is although I have my marriage certificate issued in Kuwait with an English translation, is it necessary for me to get my name printed in my wife’s passport …

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Dependent Visa (Housewife) driving license to loose after visa transferred to work permit

This question is regarding driving licenses. I am a housewife and I got a driving license in 2014 which will be expiring in December 2016 as my residence is also expiring in October 2016. Now my question is that I have got a job as an outdoor sales lady and …

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Claim indemnity, Sell Car, Close Bank Account, transfer of House Tel/Electricity – Procedure

My friend, who was working in Kuwait, expired while on vacation in India. His wife, who holds a work visa, has returned to Kuwait. I would like to know what are the documents required and procedure for the following: 1. To claim her husband’s indemnity 2. Sell his car 3. …

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Wife Pregnant need visit visa for my parents

My wife is pregnant and my basic salary is KD 425 … can I get visit visas for my parents on her delivery? Name withheld Answer: Yes, you will be able to get visit visas for your parents as you meet the salary requirement but please remember that you will …

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